8 Skincare Regimens for Mom

8 skincare regimens for Mom because they deserve a Mommy time. Moms deserve a basic skincare routine and ample time for their health. Remember those good old days when you put an extra hour in front of the mirror to get ready. You hadn’t had any responsibilities or you did not have anyone to look for. Those were the young days and it was a great time of life of course

8 skincare regimens for mom
8 Skin care Regimens for Mom

Now after becoming a Mom, I am sure things must have changed. It must be contrary to the young days I know. Even I have been through this phase. I can understand that is why I have decided to write this blog. I wish to change the stereotypical mindset that only young people are allowed to do the fashion and take care of their skin.

Let us bring back those good old days when high heels were adored by us. When we used to walk out with the heels, it felt like a ramp walk on the streets. The whole college used to get mad on our winged eye and a fancy and embellished garment. Let’s bring back the former time

Shall we?

Toning skin evenly 8 skin care regimens for Mom

After the Motherhood, there are a lot of hormonal imbalances in the body, the skin becomes pale and also after an age, the face skin near the cheekbones form bags because the tight skin starts losing its volume.Would you want to be 35 or 40 and look like 50?

You wouldn’t want that to happen right? Nobody wants that and this can be avoided by toning the skin every day. Toning skin evenly is nothing but to take your favorite moisturizer and give your face a proper massage of 5 minutes. Gently massaging your skin will increase the blood flow.

Toning skin evenly is an essential need of every Mother out there. You can replace the moisturizer with the kitchen ingredients such as Milk, Honey and also Glycerin

The hydrating face mask is one of the 8 skincare regimens for Mom

hydrating face mask

I know darling what you go through all your day, those teeny tiny bundle of joys are so naughty that you don’t get time for yourself and especially your skin.Leave about the makeup and skincare routine but removing time for hydrating your skin also gets difficult

But don’t worry because we have got your back. The hydrating face mask is what you need. Just relax and put a hydrating face mask 15 minutes before sleeping at night and let the mask work on your skin until then you can also complete your work on the laptop. The hydrating face mask does the work of hydrating your skin evenly and it distributes the water level in the skin so that skin stays fresh and young for a longer period. Hydrate your face once a week and you’re good to go

Red dark lipstick and Mascara

When you go somewhere, complete makeup might not be possible always. But relax because this trick is enough for you to rock in any look because it will look amazing in any dress form and at any given time of the day. Just take out your favorite chap-stick or lip gloss and put it on your lips before going out somewhere. Don’t forget to add mascara on your eyelashes and the glamorous look is ready for you to go out

The red lipstick has its magic sweetheart, it looks phenomenal on every skin tone and mascara adds volume to the eyes so that eyes look big and beautiful. Red dark lipstick and mascara looks awesome on the face

Sunscreen protects the skin

Sunscreen protects the skin

If you love yourself then you are not at all missing on this point already. Period. Sunscreen is as important as bathing daily. Whether or not you’re going out somewhere or whether or not you will spend your day in the outside heat, no matter what, you need to wear sunscreen daily.

Daily application of sunscreen will benefit you in the long run because sunscreen protects the skin from external harmful bacteria’s and viruses which try to enter into the skin.

Hydrate yourself

In the daily rush of life. Either for your child or family, somewhere you forget to fulfill your body’s basic daily needs which will later on effect on your health and skin. Do you know that drinking less water daily may be the cause for thousands of chronic diseases?

In fact, drinking less water is also not good for health because it risks the rate of heart attacks and drinking less water is dangerous for your skin. Because the skin starts looking pale and old, wrinkles may be another disaster of water deprivation in the body. But these all problems have only one solution that is to rejuvenate your skin and hydrate the body with the magical potion given my God and that is none other than Water

You will have to habituate drinking 3-4 litres of water the whole day. Which means 12 glasses of water minimal is required for your healthy body and fresh skin. For first it is difficult to habituate but come on your health and your good skin comes first so add an alarm of every one hour and set your body in the habit of drinking ample water. Yes you will have to do this on the initial stage and once you are habituated then you will not need an alarm for drinking water

Exfoliate the skin with a scrub

This is an important factor for everybody’s skin, may it be women or men because the skin pores attract so many unwanted bacteria and viruses that skin loses its shine. For the skin to regain its fresh layer, you need to exfoliate your skin with a scrub. Dead skin piles up on the fresh layer of skin and skin start looking pale, for the dead skin to be removed completely, you would want a proper exfoliation and gentle massaging for the skin

Not only face but you can exfoliate with the scrub all over your body. It might take just 15 minutes to exfoliate with your favorite scrub and you can continue with this process every once a week. You are of course free to buy the scrub of your own choice but the scrub can be made homemade too with the coffee powder and oil

Face pack is the part of skincare routine

The face pack is the best part of the skincare routine because it doesn’t take many efforts but show the marvelous results on the skin. After a point, skin becomes soggy and starts falling because the skin starts losing its tightening. Face pack will aid this, face pack will add a glow to your skin and it also tightens the skin. It can be selected as per your skin.

Face packs can also be made with the ingredients from your kitchen like Haldi, Tulsi, Honey, Aloe Vera, Milk, Potato Juice, Multani Mitty, Coconut Oil. If you have dry skin then do not select such ingredients which makes the skin dry such as Haldi. Instead, add honey or aloe vera extracts because these ingredients are rich in water and soothing for the skin. They rejuvenate the skin and do not show any side effects because these are completely natural

If your skin is oily and chaps a lot then darling you at a major risk because dry skin can have fewer issues and they can avoid a face pack sometimes but you have to add face pack in your beauty regime. You need to exactly think on the ingredients which will make your skin more oily such as coconut oil, milk or honey. Instead, you can go with aloe vera, Haldi (Haldi should be God’s gift for you) Tulsi and also multani mitti

A healthy diet is the zip lock for a skincare regime

A healthy diet is the zip lock for a skincare regime

Yes, the final step would be to take care of your inner health because if your body is healthy then your skin is healthy. Oily food and the food which contains sugar in it will only make you weaker. If you want to stay healthy for a longer period for your child then start staying healthy. Proper nutrition is the key and that is to be maintained by everyone

Set a proper routine for the day, eat only as per routine and eat when you’re hungry. Add more organic and fresh things in your diet especially fruits and veggies. Try cutting out the sugar completely because sugar is nothing but a slow poison which is dangerous than a drug so better to stay away from it. Add the minimum required water level through the food you eat and eat mindfully.

Add exercise routine also for at least half an hour so that it works well with the healthy food. Make sure you give ample time for the food digestion process to your body and that’s it you need to do to take care of your health.

Moms, you work a lot the whole day, take some rest, give your body me time and let it take care of itself because when you will be healthy and happy you will keep others happy too.

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