Hey, Lovelies, I am Neha Gupta and I would love to call myself a family-centered person because I am obsessed with taking care of my splendid little family. I am married to the most sensible person who knows his responsibility and I look up to him because I learn a new thing every single day from him.

I would now want to introduce you to the love of our life, Vedaant Gupta and he was born in October 2017. We all family members share our birthdays in October and that is so adorable I feel.

This blog is a way for me to write the experiences I share as a parent while taking care of Vedaant. My husband is a great father and when I see the bond between Father and the Son, I feel so proud and I know that we both make great parents to our cute little son. These relationship stories, daily lifestyle hacks, parenting skills, and nutrition are what I love to share through this blog so subscribe to the blog because you don’t want to miss out on the single post. Thank you for making it till the end. I hope you enjoy the blogs.