Be a role model for your little bundle of joy and you are their only mentor

Children are like a white sheet of paper. A tiny black spot on the paper may destroy its vanity. A beautiful painting on the white paper may change its value completely. Same way, children are also like a plain sheet of white paper. It is you who decides what is to be painted on it. The impressions which are created at a young age will be permanently inked into their minds. You definitely would not want that they grow up with not so good rationality. It is on parents who can shape the future. At such a tender age, you are the only one that they have with them. They copy you, they learn from you because they are surrounded by only their parents and guardians at this age. So Be a role model for your little bundle of joy and you are their only mentor. Therefore, be prompt in what you do because they look up to you so be their good role model.

Be a role model for your little bundle of joy and you are their only mentor
Be a role model for your little bundle of joy

Do not argue with your partner in front of your children to Be a role model for your little bundle of joy

Father and Mother, both of you are important for your children. Both of your respect has a value in their life. If that value is degraded by one of the parents. Then unintentionally your children are the one who gets emotionally weak

Whatever you do has an impact on them. If you behave badly with your partner . They will grow up with hatred in their hearts and they might regret you. This happens in most cases and the parents regret their behaviour afterwards.

So prevention is always better than cure. If there is something you want to say to your partner then it better not be in front of your child. Be a role model for your little bundle of joy and you are their only mentor

Basic etiquettes are not taught but followed to be a role model for your little Kids

Yes, your children observe you. In the mall, when a person helped you showing the directions and then you said thank you to him. Children observe this simple act of being grateful. When you helped a poor child on the street and fed him some biscuits. This great act of kindness is copied by your child too

Maybe next time they help someone in the need. That quality is not inbuilt, it can never be inbuilt. If good qualities were inbuilt then this world would have been a better place already. The quality of acting good and being kind are observed and not explained. Be a role model for your little bundle of joy and you are their only mentor

A gadget in your hand and a gadget in their hands too

Yes, this world is changing and work is to be done and most of the work is on the gadgets these days. But try not using the laptop, cellphone, or television while they are around.

Do not give a gadget in their hands because they will be busy for some time. When they are around, interact with them and spend a good time together instead of working the whole time because a gadget in your hand and a gadget in their hands too

A book in your hand and a book in their hands too help to become a role model

While in the metro, when you don’t have any work, still you are watching a video on YouTube will have the same impact on your kid.But if you are reading a book in your free time and make them realize that free time must be utilize with what is useful for you will make them aware of good things.

With the observations, they understand how to choose in between good and bad. A child is just a reflection of his parents and parents are the role model of a child

Respect every person you come around

May it be the maid of your house or the waiter from the hotel, if you will respect then your child will follow.Generally, the parents who differentiate because of the standard of living of the people, teach their children to do so, Differentiating between genders, colors and status starts with the house itself. Therefore, respect everybody you meet so that your children will understand the importance of being good to everyone irrespective of their age, caste, color, and status

Confusing signs are critical to understand

You ask them to not to watch the television at night, but you are watching the shows till late night will confuse them.If you teach them to not to speak loudly but shout in the house now and then will be confusing as well.

You ask them to not to be violent in any situation but slank or slap them then that will be a confusing gesture.Therefore, you too follow the things you are asking them to do so. This will create a good impression on their minds, they will value what you are teaching because you will be a practical example in front of them

Making the bed in the morning is said as the best habit

They say if you want to judge someone then judge them by their morning habit of making the bed. People just assume that a child’s behavior depends on his parents and it is true as well

They learn good habits when they see you doing it because you work as their role models and idols. If you follow the same routine every day and conduct good habits within yourself then they automatically gain those habits.It is fun as well,

the thing that you are being observed the whole day and someone is trying to learn something from you is a good feeling too. Someone is dependent on you, so why not give them their best teachings and in the process even you gain the best habits

Invest a good amount of time in them

When your child is born, you don’t only become a parent but at the same time, you get allotted with many other roles as well. A role of the mentor, idol, God, family, friend.Each time you interact with them, you play a different role. When you have to advise them, advise as a mentor. When you have to speak to them, speak as a parent and while having fun, be their friend

Create memories, make their childhood special and let them be truthful with you. If they are not truthful with you then a major part of you are also responsible for it

Maybe because of your fear they are afraid of you and this happens in the majority of the cases when parents don’t spend ample time with their kids, don’t do that. Invest a good time in being their mentor, friend, tutor, parent.This will make them understand that you are there with them no matter what. Be a role model for your little bundle of joy and you are their only mentor .They will admire your presence, respect you and adore you. Be around them because they need you

Self confidence and self respecting must be taught

When your child is not respecting his height, color, skin, and body then no one would. Just read the sentence again because it is important. When they will learn from you that self-love is a good thing. They might understand that acceptance must be the character in human nature. Many students get bullied in schools and colleges because of this factor itself.

Be a role model for your little bundle of joy

A bully can be stopped if a person is confident about him and takes an action against the wrong thing. But this needs to be taught by you, you have to tell them the importance of self-respect and self-esteem. Make them understand that never let anyone tell them what to do, they must be firm on their point of view and perspective. Let them be true to themselves. If you will teach this then that would make you special for them obviously

Self knowing is a self realization, yes that is true but the self realization doesn’t happen in a little age itself, it takes years and years of experience, guts and understanding. Imagine if you teach them this right from the beginning. That would create more clarity for them. They would be ahead of their generation and only you can teach them this. You are their role model and they observe you and respect you

You are the first hero to your child

When your child is born, obviously for some years only you are around them, they are brought up on your good deeds and they see you as their hero. A hero always shines bright and that’s why your child might expect some things from you as a fan does from his hero. He might need you whenever there is a need and you need to be there with him at that point. He might want to share some of his secrets with you and he would want you to understand him at that delicate situation.

Be a role model for your little one
Be a role model for your little bundle of joy

Even if he has done something wrong then he might want you to fix it like a hero instead of mocking down, mocking down might send him away from you because then he won’t believe in sharing the secrets any more.Therefore, be the hero for your child and be there always in any situation

You can be their role model

Lastly, be their role model because they see you as their idol, they expect certain things and if you fulfil those things then you are a perfect role model for them.

Be a role model for your little bundle of joy

The conclusion is simple, a child wants to be corrected by you and only you. No one can impact so much on him as much you do, therefore be their role model always and stay together happily.

Happy Redaing

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