Books : our new friend

In the modern world, keeping our children away from the electronic gadgets is a herculean task. Well, they cannot be entirely blamed as it is our fault too. We are the ones who expose them to mobile phones to ease out of a certain situation. I too am guilty of doing just the same. For over a year, Vedaant was hooked to watching videos on mobile phone and he became quite attached to this device. Just recently, I realized that the situation is getting out of hand and I became desperate for the solution. I started searching online for the ways to help him learn and play without using mobile phones. That’s when I was advised by a fellow mom blogger on how to reducing his screen time and slowly steering him towards other activities like reading. This is the most challenging time in my journey as a mother.

I have had to make a lot of changes in my life and habits so that I can lead Vedaant away from the mobile phones. This was the first step to reducing screen time. I would make sure to keep colourful and attractive age-appropriate books around him. I ensured to read books to him at least twice every day. I have been practicing this for the past two weeks and steadily his interest in books is growing. I know it’s a difficult ride but it’s completely worth it as my goal is to, if not completely eliminate but substantially reduce Vedaant’s screen time. I see him learning and enjoying different kind of books and it makes me relieved.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.


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