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Food art ideas for kids to make your children fall in love with their food.

Food art ideas for kids are an amazing new trend that the world has been following nowadays but who doesn’t like the food art and presentation? We want to eat such a meal which is beautifully prepared rather than the boring every day’s cooked food gets boring. Little children surely love food art ideas

Little children surely love food art ideas

Because if we all love the food art and its creativity then it should be of course loved and adored by little kids. Just imagine if you give your child a plate full of awesomeness and something different than daily then wouldn’t they straight jump on the food.

Food art ideas for kids aren’t new by the way because do you remember our Mothers and Grandmothers used to present the dishes on our plates for us to eat.

They even gave us salads like cucumbers, tomatoes cut in a different shape, or flatbreads in different colors and shapes so that we can eat the food with interest. Finger chips with a mango dip. Awesome, heavenly, and tastiest.

You know, this generation also needs to do the same but the only difference is that the world has become more creative. Children these days need food art on another level. There are so many new ideas developed to design and create beautiful food art in different ways.

The Internet connects the world. That’s the reason ideas from all over the world are collected and copied. So why not copy something so creative and fun to make. If you have not tried these ever then your child is missing some creative breakfast fun in life.

There are ways created for food art in breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the use of healthy food. Also fruits are included. You can also add some more healthy things and see the magic of food art that your child will not be able to resist and eat it all.

Let us together see what are the creative ways to surprise your child in the morning. So that he isn’t bored with the same routine. Read further about the best food art ideas for kids.

If you want to know the ideas about food art creativity then read further:

10 different types of food art ideas for kids.

Sandwiches can be tasty and creative in many ways. Sandwiches are one of the best food art ideas for kids.

Dog sandwiches are one of the best food art ideas for kids.

Doggies are loved by kids and making a dog sandwich is a good idea. Take two square brown pieces of bread, put whatever raw veggies you want to put with cream and cheese inside those two pieces of bread.

Once you are done with the first part. Cut two slices of cucumber and place it as eyes with one black grape cut in half and place it as the eyeballs. After the eye, decorate the doggie nose with a carrot and tongue with tomato cut in a triangle shape.

For the ears, cut the cheese slice in a triangular shape and place it as ears and a square doggie sandwich is ready. Well, you can do this process by keeping the bread in a diamond shape as well.

Teddy bear sandwich.

This one is the favorite of all. Take a brown bread and give it a round shape like a circle and from the remaining bread chunks cut two little semi-circles. Keep the pieces in a form that it shapes into a teddy bear face and place two little semi-circular cut tomatoes on the ears or teddy and for cute little eye add bananas cut and on them add black cherry or black grape half cut.

For the mouth, add a little cheese slice cut in the circular shape. On that put, a semi-circular cut and that’s a beautiful teddy bear-shaped sandwich ready.

Food art ideas for kids

Owl sandwich is also one of the best food art ideas for kids.

Owls are cute because their animated versions are quite loved all over the world. Take a brown bread and place a cheese slice on it. Now either you place two banana slices or cucumbers or cheese as eyes of the owl and on the slices, you can place two raisins.

For ears and nose, cut the three little pieces of carrots in a triangular shape and place them properly. That is it. Your baby sandwich is ready with the presentation.

House bricks sandwiches are one the best food art ideas for kids

For this, you may need brown bread slices. Cut the sides of the bread and then in one bread slice you will have to cut the rectangular shapes of almost one inch only i.e. approximately 2 by 1 cm²

You need to gather many such pieces. Now keep it like bricks of the house one after another and make four walls of it. Now add one brown bread when you make proper four walls at least four inches tall. For the door, you can paint the sauce of your choice as doors and windows. For a garden or plant, you can place one or two boiled broccoli and For tiles place little cheese slices cut in a round shape.

You can do whatever creativity but your little monstrous child will have fun in breaking the handmade cute little house. He will surely eat it all and even the broccoli. This is fun. You will love it and this is a unique idea too, you won’t get anywhere this idea.

Frog sandwich

This sandwich preparations will need a green coriander chutney. Take bread slices and cut a little circle on one and a little oval in one. Place the circle and place that oval a little below. Now for the huge two legs of a frog, you could use cucumber slices cut in half.

For eyes, you can keep cucumber slices and add grapes or raisins to it. For lips, you can draw a smile with sauce. Your frog sandwich is ready to be served.

Pancakes are a healthy option and these are one of the loved food art ideas for kids

Food art ideas for kids

Ice cream pancakes

Prepare the pancakes of your wish. Either use eggs, banana, wheat flour, a pinch of soda, honey, or milk or you can add your favorite ingredients as well. Try and avoid sugar and replace it with bananas. Make pancakes just like you always did. This is one of the best food art ideas for kids.

Now shape the pancake just like an ice cream cone and fill it with sweet curd or whatever you love and add cherries or blueberries or banana slices. Place the beautiful ice cream pancake on the plate and let your kids have a deliciously tasty breakfast.

Bed pancakes are one of the most beautiful food art ideas for kids

This is easy and a favorite too. Make 3 to 4 pancakes. Cut them in a rectangular manner and place them one after the other with honey in binding or maybe sauce or curd or whatever is your choice. Now for the sheets, place cheese slices like sheets, and for pillows, you can keep two banana slices. Isn’t it looking pretty?

Now just for the cheese to melt slightly keep the pancake bed in the oven but without banana slices, and now serve it to your child and see how he reacts.

Clouds and umbrella pancakes

Make round pancakes and cut them in halves. Place one half on the plate and for the clouds, you can cut little pieces of bread and place them as clouds.

For rain, you can add raisins to the plate or maybe blackberries. For the umbrella add a carrot stick. The clouds and umbrella pancakes are ready to be served.

Food art ideas for kids

Peacock pancakes.

Beautifulpeacockpancakes are one of the awesome food art ideas for kids. These might need just colorful fruits cut in round shape. Cook a pancake and cut it with the knife in the shape of a peacock body. Add the peacock body to the plate and cover the plate with colorful fruits in circular shapes that act like their feathers.

For the beak and two legs, you can cut three pieces in the oval and place them. For eyes, add a single raisin. That’s it. The beautiful but healthiest peacock pancake is ready. One of the most beautiful food art ideas for kids.

Fish pancakes.

This will also take many colorful fruits cut in a semi-circular shape. Prepare a pancake and cut it in the shape just like our eyes. Now for the lips of fish, you can cut a half-cut raisin and for the scales body. You can keep the fruits that were cut in a semi-circular form.

Now for the bubbles, you can keep carrots or cucumbers or fruits also. For the ocean grass, you can add lettuce leaves cut or spinach too.

This is the healthiest pancake. Your child would love the fish pancakes. You know the fun part is that you can swipe the sandwich dishes with the pancakes. Make your fusion with whatever fruits or veggies you want. We guarantee that if you become creative and create all these food art ideas for kids then your child will eat it all whatever you want them to eat.

Make sure you share the picture with us also. Because we love to see the parents taking efforts in their parenting and you can set an example to other readers as well. These were the food art ideas for kids and decoratives of the breakfasts which were fun, easy, and unique too. We hope that you loved them all, and of course, you did maybe that’s why you have reached the end of the post.

We shall come up with more of such creative ideas. These food art ideas for kids were fun to create and we shall get back to you. Keep reading.

42 Creative Food Art Ideas

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