How to give quality time to your child? Your child demands your time.

How to give quality time to your child? This blog has the best solution to this problem.

Those tiny little creatures of yours are innocent with their hearts. Quality time from their parents is the only demand they have. As the saying goes, “a child can be judged with the time his parents spend with him”

This is a true saying because the child’s mindset grows within the first few years of his birth. Whether they will develop a short temper or whether they will develop a stubborn attitude or whether they will develop patience in themselves. Everything depends on what happens inside the house.

If you want your children to be better human beings when they grow up then this is the time. Then their childhood and teenage years will decide for the next 50 to 60 years of their age.

For which you will just have to spend a little time with your children, do some activities, train them to be a warrior in every situation and make them realize that no matter what, they will have your back in every situation, you will stand by them even if the world is a part. Children do need assurance you see, they understand your good gesture but first, you will have to give one, right?

You can spend quality time with your kids and also teach them some of their lives the best lessons. For this give them something which they can not get it from other than their parents. Let us discuss some productive activities for the day to day lives.

Gardening together can give quality time to your child.

give quality time to your child

The point is if you do an activity together every day for a much longer period, then that activity creates a memory in all of your minds, the memory which only your family will possess. Wouldn’t that be fun?

For instance – every Sunday, you, your partner, and your kids with their grandparents play badminton together in the society garden. Set this as a compulsory ritual, follow this, and celebrate this as a festival. Once or twice a month, do gardening with your kid. Read a bedtime story to them or have a pact of cooking a meal together every Sunday.

Imagine once they will be grown up and they will continue further with their lives, these all things and fun of their childhood will be embedded in their memories forever.

Someone has said it correctly, that the one whose childhood is spent innocently can never be a criminal in life. Make sure that their childhood is spent with beautiful memories and do not let them see the worst phase of life at such a tender age.

Appreciate them always.

give quality time to your child

Give quality time to your child. Make them understand the importance of good habits. The habit of appreciating every little thing and being thankful for all the deeds is the best habit to cultivate in your child.

Basic courtesy which a human shows in his life explains the character he possesses. That basic courtesy and manners can be taught to a child from the tender age itself. But no one can mug up the courtesy, one only learns to be thankful when they observe someone doing that.

When your child has helped a blind lady on the street then appreciate him because this deed is not even possessed by many of the grown-ups. If your child helps you with the chores then show them that you are thankful for their help if you will say sorry, thank you, please, sure, I need your help, etc. to them, then they will learn these things in return.

Take a little amount of time in appreciating them and see the magic on their minds. Give quality time to your child and make them think about good habits. They will be willingly doing the correct things next time just to achieve your appreciation if you appreciate their good habits.

Take their consent in your life issues.

Give quality time to your child. We consider the children to be silly and inexperienced in life matters but this can’t be always true because today’s kids know more than we do, they can explain a solution with their innocency in such a way which our minds can not think of sometimes.

Do not think them to be immature, share your health issues with them or the pressure on you because of your job. If you have any financial burden then let them also know, maybe they can not help you but at least they can understand the situation.

They need to know what is happening in their house. Mostly when a child understands the financial problems in his house, he gets more conscious about money, and then you can explain to him better the difference between needs and wants.

You can explain to your child that needs are to be fulfilled and wants can be halted for some time. They will understand the aspect of this world and how the house works in coordination. It is important for us to talk with them like adults and to treat them just like we are. Give quality time to your child.

Sharing your problems and issues will also enlighten the feeling of being important in the house. This will also help them to make better decisions in life because they will have a practice of dealing with issues of the real world and it would not be a shocker every time in life.

Make sure they are being heard. Make sure you give quality time to your child.

When your child is hesitating to speak something with you then understand immediately that they want to share some of their problems with you.

Problems or some mistakes which happened by them. Don’t stop them and do not scold them at that point. Might be they were hesitating to speak to you already, maybe because of your fear or what you will say.

So assure them that they are being heard, assure them that whatever problem they are in, they will have your back and you will solve it together. They might be in some of the major issues, hear them and assure them that you are their strength.

Never ignore their questions. Make sure you give quality time to your child.

Children have the habit of asking silly questions always but this is the best habit they possess. Do not ignore their questions. Give quality time to your child. Do not give silly and wrong answers to their questions.

You know every child, at a point, ask some unwanted and unexpected questions which are difficult to be answered so parents give wrong information to them, don’t do that because sometimes, that wrong information is carried always in their minds, this can create blunders into their heads.

Give proper reasons and explain correctly what they ask so that next time they come with their silly questions only to you and they trust you completely with this.

Ask for their day and share your day with them.

give quality time to your child

Give quality time to your child. Make sure you do everything interesting for them.

Do you want to play a fun game? Want to have a good laugh for a few minutes? Then follow this thing and see the fun. Every night, take the time of a few minutes and share your day with them, what you did from the minute you got up, what work you did the whole day, and all the other things.

Now ask them for their day, how their day spent and what all they did in their class and wait for the fun part when they will tell you some of their best stories, they will speak also some silly things or maybe they will also open their heart to you for some of the issues they are facing in the bus while going to school or maybe with their classmates.

This will develop a habit of rethinking for the day in your child, he will be mindful about what exactly he is doing all day and this will enlighten his brain upon doing everything mindfully so that at night he could share some interesting stories with you.

Your child will understand the importance of doing a thing by paying extra attention to it, it is one of the best habits to be cultivated in their little brains.

Give them chores.

Give quality time to your child, involve them in your day to day activities. Divide some of the chores within your children and habituate them in doing things correctly. Let them understand the fact that the house is run by humans and not a particular age group or gender. Let them know that nothing is difficult for any age group.

Ask them to make their beds every morning when they get-up cultivate this habit within yourself also because when they will look at you, they will also learn the same things. Spend quality time to show them how to do things correctly. Ask them to pick up the toys and put them in the right place once they are done playing.

Let them clean their wardrobes and keep the clothes folded in the cupboard so that they cultivate the habit of being disciplined from childhood itself.

Take them to the orphanage.

Give quality time to your child. Take them to the orphanage. This may not seem that important but when the child is shown the real world where other children are also underprivileged then they will understand the importance of the things which they got.

They will know that they are blessed to have parents and to be born in better families. Let them see the happiness of life and make them understand how needs are only important in human life and not the wants.

Ask them to make friends in every age group and of every type. By doing this, you will break some of the stereotypes of society and you will be able to cultivate the best habits in your child. Spend time in making them realize the importance of life.

Eat one meal with your child. Make sure you give quality time to your child.

At least once a day, you must sit together for lunch or maybe dinner and enjoy a meal of the day together because no matter what but this orthodox is a truth of life that, “A family who eats together, stays together”

At the dinner table, talk about life, talk about the day spent, and have fun with your children. Speak about general knowledge or share information about what is happening in the world right now. Tell everything about the general facts because a child will only learn when you will share and when you will share they will grab the thing easily.

Ask their opinions and also tell them the importance of knowing what is going on in the surrounding. You see, the world’s wanted criminals could have been stopped at the dinner table itself only if they had great parents like you! Make sure you give quality time to your child.

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