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A complete guide of your care during pregnancy.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful pause in life and the reason it is written pause is not that life stops. But it is because pregnancy lets you live the wonderful phase of life by beautifully pausing the former phase.

Pregnancy should be loved as plush but cared as grace and that’s why we have brought you a complete guide of your care during pregnancy”

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy.

Throughout the process when you are in the phase of becoming a mother from a woman you need elegant care and that must start with a fresh morning to the goody-good night sleep.

Care about every single thing and every step you want to create in the phase of pregnancy but don’t forget to capture the moments in the camera of your memory.

Live each day one at a time and breathe every time thinking that you are the reason for your baby to be born healthy. Your fresh oxygenated breath is aiding your baby a moment to evolve and a moment to form in a better shape.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy demands healthy food.

Pregnancy demands healthy food and no compromise in that matter because every meal you take might be a blessing for the baby’s growth. That’s why we are here to help and give you a complete guide of your care during pregnancy.

Take easy steps, take healthy steps because maybe that can of complete soda is not what the baby’s growth demands. Be mindful enough to decide the intake and prepare a proper chart. We can also help you by giving a complete guide of your care during pregnancy. We are here to give you ease and set a good food list of what to eat in pregnancy.

Well, they say it correctly that while you are pregnant, you have to consume the food for another soul also so make sure you consume the needed amount of nutrients and calories.

Please grab that cushion and relax on the couch while reading this answer because your happy health is what we and your baby demand.

Let us now discuss the list of what to eat in the pregnancy period.

You should eat food that is healthy as well as organic for ease in the digestion process of food. Well, the eating process involves the process in which our body is aided with important nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and overall supplements.

There are certain category of foods which contains the vital supplements needed by the body especially in pregnancy and if you eat according to that then your body will help in aiding help to the baby’s healthy development.

Let us read a complete guide of your care during pregnancy. Let’s start with the supplements which are helpful in pregnancy:

Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Iodine, Folic Acid


A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes iron. Well, it is a basic body science that blood cells are made up of iron. Ev ery blood cell needs iron to carry on the process of circulating oxygen throughout the body. Your body needs to have a hemoglobin level at best but think about the fact that the baby’s body is at the stage where its body is developing the blood and it needs enough iron to regulate the process of developing enough blood in ease.

Therefore, you need to consume enough iron daily so that you don’t fall short for iron in the body or that might result in a baby’s low weight while delivery and it may be born weak too. The worst scenario is that you might be given blood before pregnancy. These are the cases in most women who do not consume iron-rich food throughout the pregnancy. Then they are given blood as salines. Therefore, you better eat iron-rich food to avoid this scenario ever.

Iron-rich foods are:

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes green leafy vegetables.

green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables have an abundance of iron, vitamin A, magnesium, and calcium and this is taught to the school students as well because we all know how important green leafy vegetables are for the body.

Eat green leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Fenugreek, Kale, Broccoli, etc. Eat green leafy in its original form and avoid adding inorganic things such as spices to it and avoid salt as well. Just boil it for some time and eat it with flatbread or brown bread. If you do not like this then the best would be to juice then and drink it in its surreal form. Green leafy vegetable juice is tasty too.

Sweet Potatoes.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes sweet potatoes. Well, sweet potatoes contain an abundance of nutrients but the list tops with Vitamin A and iron. These are nutritious but completely tasteless. So now how would you eat these?

First of all, take a pan and a lid, add one or two liters of water to it. Cut the sweet potato into 3 to 4 pieces and add the pieces to the water.

Do not think of adding sugar to it, sugar is unhealthy, and while with your baby, you would want to avoid sugar after that for your entire life. So instead of sugar, you can add jaggery in the water for a sweet taste. It would work the same as sugar so don’t worry about it.

Boil the sweet potato until they are completely cooked and then take them out to put in a bowl full of icy cold water. Now remove its cover and they are ready to eat.

When will you eat this? You can have it as breakfast. Sweet Potato breakfast. You know what will be best to add with. Take a glass of slightly cold milk, cut the boiled sweet potatoes, and put the pieces in the milk, trust me it’s tasty like that. You can have this daily as your morning breakfast.

Or there is an alternative also. Instead of cooking the sweet potatoes in the water, you can put the peeled sweet potatoes in the milk and put the jaggery powder to it. Now let it boil to the point that the sweet potatoes are softened. Now turn off the gas and let the milk cool down. It is yummy, healthy, and nutritious.

Dry fruits.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes dry fruits. The fact about dry fruits is that these are of course dry in the form and while the digestion process, they need an extra amount of water from the body itself to digest completely.

But that doesn’t mean that these are harmful in any manner. These are necessary for the body but while in pregnancy you need to eat these appropriately.

Do not overtake it, these are healthy but too much of anything is bad and especially in such a phase we can not risk anything because that impacts your as well as baby’s body immediately.

Dry fruits content has the iron in abundance and you need to consume three to four raisins, two dried figs, and two almonds or two cashews.

Make sure to chew properly and drink ample water after eating dry fruits. You can drink fruit juice too with the dry fruits. That would be a great combination and also a type of evening refreshment.


As the iron helps in blood growth and maximum blood flow within your body sane way calcium helps in strengthening the bones and remember that while giving birth to a baby, no matter what your weight is, your bone needs to be strong because that’s what will help the body in sustaining the pain of giving birth to a child.

Your baby’s body is yet in the development process so you need enough calcium so that its body can develop bones, teeth, muscles, etc. But if the baby’s body doesn’t find enough natural calcium then it takes from your body and that might cause your health a big risk later on in life. Eat calcium in abundance.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes dairy products.

dairy products.

Everyone knows the fact that calcium is present in abundance in the dairy products themselves. Drink milk but not much, drink it at least a glass but avoid sugar in it.

You can have cottage cheese and have it in a Frankie roll, it tastes delicious. Intake yogurt in the breakfast weekly three times and you can also eat cheese, that’s good news.

Broccoli or Okra.

Well, these are multi-talented vegetables. They contain everything like iron, potassium, Vitamin A, C, E, K, fiber, and also calcium. That’s strange but these do contain calcium.

You can boil broccoli or cook okra and eat these with flatbreads or with brown bread. Whatever you like.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes almonds.

As discussed earlier, almonds are good to eat but because it is a dry fruit, the almonds will need water intake and do not eat many almonds in a day.

You can soak two to three almonds in the water at night and in the morning, drink the water and eat those almonds. It will be a much better and effective way of having almonds during pregnancy.

Vitamin D.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes vitamin D. There is a reason that Vitamin D is kept right under the point of Calcium. Must read it and do not let this point go. Whatever calcium you consume, the calcium may or may not help your body but after you consume Vitamin D, this vitamin helps your body in absorbing the calcium effectively. That’s a big help.


Yes, sunlight cannot be eaten but you can absorb it and allow your body to soak the most natural Vitamin D in the Universe. The Sun itself is an abundant source of Vitamin D so now where else do you need to go?

If Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium then why don’t you do one thing? Take a dairy product, let’s say you take a warm glass full of milk and sit at the place in your house at 7 am where you will come in direct contact with the rising Sun.

Sit for half an hour. It is the best period for Vitamin D. Do it for a week and see a change in yourself, you will feel fresh and your face will glow.


Orange is known to have Vitamin D and calcium in abundance. It is recommended to eat at least one orange a day for pregnant ladies.

Ladies, please note it down and also give this advice to every pregnant lady. You know when you get something natural and from Mother Earth and that too in such cheap form then why not take it instead of eating Vitamin pills.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes iodine.

Iodine works for the betterment of the hormones and in pregnant ladies, there is an automatic hormone change and therefore your body needs a proper level of iodine so that iodine can help to balance the nervous system and brain.

Yours is just balanced but the baby’s nervous system is newly formed. The brain is at the development stage and it needs iodine.

Iodized salt.

Known by every school-going kid that salt contains iodine and you need to have iodine in your food regimen but make sure it is not more of it or else it might create different issues in the body.

Not every salt is iodized therefore do check the packet and the content list and then purchase the salt.

Dairy products.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes dairy products.

Dairy products contain natural salt as well. These are good to eat especially yogurt and you can eat yogurt in the morning. Cheese contains natural salt as well. Eat cheese slices with brown bread and you can also eat the cheese slices with a Frankie roll or flatbread

Fish and seaweed.

Fish and seaweed are also great sources of iodine and sea iodine is amazing of all. You can have fish at night sometimes. Twice a week would be fine.

Folic acid.

Folic acid rejuvenates oxygen throughout the body and it helps blood cells in adding enough blood to the body. You need folic acid for the baby’s better health.

care during pregnancy includes iodine and citrus fruits.

A complete guide of your care during pregnancy includes citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits contain folic acid and fruits are anytime healthy for the body because they are the natural hub of collecting different types of vitamins and minerals for the body.

Have at least one citrus fruit every day while in pregnancy. Oranges were mentioned earlier but you may have other citrus fruits as well like lemons, grapes, lime, plums, amla, etc.

Green leafy vegetables and peas or beans.

So the reason beans or peas are specifically mentioned is because these have folic acid in abundance and you can have these and they are the tastiest.

Green leafy vegetables are suggested to every age group but while in pregnancy, drink, breathe. Eat green every single day. Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, kale, peas, beans, broccoli, spinach, spring onions, etc.

This was a complete guide of your care during pregnancy.

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