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How to handle work and kids together? while managing professional and personal life.

Let’s learn the effective ways to handle work and kids together. These days Mums search on the internet about effective ways to handle work and kids together. These days Mums have become working mothers and didn’t remain only housewives.

Back in time, when we were kids. We saw our mothers working only in their kitchen and in their homes. They worked only for their families and that was their little world. When we kids were grown-up, every stranger asked us about “what our fathers do” and never bothered asking about our mother’s professional status because mothers work only in the homes was the mentality.

This mentality affected me, I don’t want that when my son grows up. He thinks that his father is the one who is managing this house and his mother does nothing special. I don’t want that mentality to fit in the mind of my son. I want my son to feel proud of me and want him to feel about how hard-working her mother is.

Being a working mother was my personal choice. I wanted to present a good example to my son. But managing the working life and house did take a heavy toll on me. Not only for me, but this is also difficult for all mothers out there who are managing their personal and professional lives together. It is difficult to handle work and kids together.

It is not easy to handle work and kids together.

After a few hiccups in the beginning, I was able to maintain the work-life balance well. With time, my son adjusted and understood well that his mother goes to work and cannot be with him all day long.

Somehow I knew to handle work and kids together. Somehow I managed to keep life balanced by waking up and taking care of my son then making him eat. Sending him for the class and then getting ready. Getting the food ready, going to work, and coming in the evening. Spending quality time with the family, making dinner and playing with my son. The routine was fixed and the roller coaster life was fun until the corona happened. Everything just got messed up. COVID-19 hit our lives, we were asked to work from home.

Covid19 situation made life complicated because now the routine rules were not able to apply. I was at home all the time, my baby thought that I am at home to be with him but managing the office. Housework didn’t let that happen which pissed him off sometimes thinking that his Mummy isn’t listening to him.

Initially, I was excited about this new change and thought it would be easier to manage home and work while working from home. But within some time, I understood that it is not as easy as it seems.

The work starts early and keeps me occupied for most of my waking hours. I miss the time when I would wind up work and get back to my family in the evening and have some quality time together. Now it seems that work never ends. Unfortunately, my family life has taken a backseat because of long working hours.

My three-year-old son interrupts me while I am working, and he has become very clingy. It is difficult for him to accept the fact that his mother now works at home and is not available to play with him. Over time, he has become stubborn and throws tantrums at me. This new arrangement is hard for him to accept, and he makes it quite clear to me every day.

Moreover, there are too many distractions at home that eat away my professional time, and I am unable to focus on either of two parts of my life.

I feel working from home has made me frustrated as the working hours stretch beyond most of the time. This has created an imbalance in my personal life. I have also started feeling that it is difficult to handle work and kids together when you are working from home.

I would rather have my professional and personal life segregated and cannot wait for this pandemic situation to die down and return to going back to the office for work and relishing the family time to the fullest.

Handle work and kids together

But with time, I realized that this situation is not going anywhere soon. Until when will we wait for the situation to get better. I decided to take responsibility for what I am given and work in that situation in a way that I can give time to my son as well as work. I would rather want to fight with the situation than repenting of it.

You know, I have made up some effective ways to handle work and kids together and you can also try them on.

Easy DIY Toys to make at home for the kids is one of the effective ways to handle work and kids together.

From YouTube, I learned so many DIY toys to make at home for the kids. I also involved my son in this, this was something new for him. He started feeling the enthusiasm about doing something good in this boring pandemic, he made all the toys with me and I could see the joy in his eyes. Also, he got to learn so many creative things. He started living his toys and started taking care of them.

When he made the toys for himself, he started taking care of them by playing with love. After all the fun, he used to collect the toys and place them properly in the box. Now he had a sense of feeling that these toys shouldn’t be broken into pieces. That resolved my two tasks, one of being with him all the time and two of collecting the pieces of toys all the time.

Handle work and kids together in an easy way. You can learn easy DIY toys to make at home for the kids. I am attaching the link to the post.

Food art and creative cuisine is an effective way.

Food art and creative cuisine

When you prepare the food for lunch, dinner, or breakfast, after preparations, it hardly takes 5 minutes to decorate the food properly on the plate. The taste of the food starts seeming good only by an extra decorative effort. He threw tantrums sometimes that he doesn’t want to eat the same boring food all the time and in the covid, we couldn’t take him out either.

When I started decorating the dish, he started loving the food. Even the boring fruits in the breakfast became a relish for him. When I prepared a doggie’s face with the bread and fruits, he just wanted to finish the dog as soon as possible and all by himself!

This technique made my son eat food excitingly and also self-feed. This was the best thing that happened to me because as a mother all I want is that my son eats properly and this is what happened. I am so much happy with this change I can not tell you but I can share with you the story of self-feeding and food art and creative cuisine ideas. Do read these.

With some mindful tricks and with the help of your family we can avoid every obstacle.

The struggle was there but I am enjoying time with My son. Watching him grow has been marvelous despite these tantrum battles that I have to fight. I love spending time with him, only hoping for things to settle. Handle work and kids together in an easy way.

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