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How does life change after marriage? A beautiful journey which you must read.

How does life change after marriage? This question always pops up in the mind of an unmarried person but this is only known by the one who gets married. Let us discuss how does life change after marriage so that every person gets a brief idea about it. A must-read blog post for everyone.

How does life change after marriage?

How does life change after marriage? Let’s starts with the journey of singlehood.

Let us take a moment and discuss a beautifully written journey of life from singlehood to parenthood. Let us get the answer to the most searched question about how does life change after marriage?

We don’t know exactly how this Universe is formed. We can only guess about it and also about the birth of our Earth. Our home: Earth. It is such a marvelous thing, so beautiful!

And the other beautiful thing about Earth is us- we humans. The way life formed on this globe and organisms born and they are living from millions of years. Isn’t it terrific to imagine our existence and the purpose? The phenomenality is in the fact that the birth process and fertility are out of a living being itself. It is as if life forms from us and through us.

“But before life evolves through us, we are born, we take birth and we evolve.”

Yes, it is quite a rhetorical thing to write but all I am pointing out is the fact that the different phases of life shouldn’t be there in the first place but it is a reality of this world. The reality is that we take birth in whatever shape, size, color, and place. Every life form is different and the life that child will further possess is also different

How does life change after marriage isn’t the start of our story? Childhood arrives first.

Modernization has been a boon for us and especially this generation is living at its best. There is a luxury, there is life! We were born at such a phase where everyone’s life is beautiful because of the life we lead. When we were born, we had our family to take care of, we had such a beautiful childhood.

We had our schools to visit where we met pals like us and we had siblings to grow up with. You know growing up is the beautiful phase of life, we have so many new experiences and stories grow with us.

When we are much younger to understand how bad and stupid this world is but we are in our colorful stage so we see everywhere happiness. We think that people are just for us and everything is ours. Parents are our only heroes and family is our world. At that time we can never get the questions about how does life change after marriage?

We don’t know anything else but to enjoy schools, vacations, festivals, family gatherings, and playing. While writing this all, I am imagining my childhood and I am feeling every word that I am writing about it. We grew up with hopes in our hearts and innocence too.

What if we carried on with that phase forever in our hearts? But it’s okay because this world isn’t that bad to accept. Alas, childhood ends as soon as we start understanding the realities of life in our teenage life.

Teenage is the phase of life where we start getting questions like how does life change after marriage?

Teenage life also is fun, we have no real responsibilities rather than taking hold care of ourselves. We had such a beautiful teenage where we met so many new people, we met our lifetime friends and we had nothing to worry about rather than competitive and school examinations.

Yes, schools for teenagers were a tough part no matter what you say. But the real-life is lived in those years. Teenage is life when freedom with the love of family and the journey of a lifetime friendship is mixed.

You remember those friends who we used to talk with our whole days in school and never get bored of. They are still your friends probably and those are the ones who will stay forever in touch with you. Family gatherings in teenage life are a real fun where you and your siblings meet your cousins and you have fun for the days and never sleep at night. You share your secrets with them, your insecurities, and your problems.

Trips with families are another level of fun and this is how your teenage life is spent where you are in your singlehood. You don’t feel anything incomplete in life. Day by day and step by step we keep on growing with so many dreams in the heart about life after getting into college.

Finally, the day arrives of our singlehood where we pass with colorful marks and get admitted to the college. In college, our world completely changes. There are new people everywhere and new faculty. We meet so many new brains with fleeing backgrounds and different stories.

The journey from singlehood to marriage starts from here.

This is how our journey begins of the official singlehood because the grown-up life is very different from our childhood. Here we learn new things every single day. We are naive are inexperienced.

But we strive to walk hand in hand with the world by being attentive to the trends and generation. Yes, we do copy so many things, fall and fail so many times but we are on our own, we are single with no responsibilities other than our deeds of our own.

We study, have fun with friends, do those things which we were never allowed of, in childhood. The fun part is that by the age of college we start feeling as if to leave the family for once and get somewhere alone where only our friends could come. At such moments we get to think and the questions like how does life change after marriage pops in our little heads.

Now you remember where this blog is turning. Exactly at the part with friends and only us. Remember the time in life where we were either on a college trip or at a sleepover. We didn’t sleep for the night and talked endlessly.

We had debates with each other. Watched movies for the night, ate whatsoever we want. That was a beautiful phase where everything seemed magical. The hot topics arrived when we all used to discuss our crush from college or neighbors. We talked with our friends about how he or she looked and the way we watch them.

We blush for the first time and then they start teasing you and you get butterflies in your tummy. Oh M G! So much relatable, isn’t it? It is relatable because everybody’s singlehood is spent in such a manner. It is fun everywhere, the world seems colorful and we are so into it that we forget about the exams.

College is a period that is everyone’s golden memory but it gets over in a blink. It is okay because we have a box full of love, care, and memories of our friends in our box. Singlehood is the beautiful time of all.

Well, now is the phase when we start to think about the questions like how does life change after marriage?

This moment is special in everyone’s heart. We can never forget that first look of our better half, the first eye contact, the first day of the meet, and their glorious smile. Yes, that one moment will crush your title of singlehood because your heart has already mingled with that person. You just in one heartbeat know that this is the person you were looking for your entire life.

It is as if your heart stops pounding for a second and they also know that you are the one they want in life. This is how you meet your better half. After that, you, of course, marry that person and see dreams for the entire life. You dream to be beside them for your life.

Day by day you know them more, understand them and the bonding becomes the strongest. You fall for them every single day and then your hearts completely accept the love of each other.

You spend the days together and just then you get the biggest happiness of your life. Happiness has no boundaries. You get to know that within some months you are going to get a beautiful soul in this world so that it can also experience all the phases which you have been through in life.

You get to know that you both are going to have a baby and you are going to get a promotion i.e. from husband and wife to Parents. Oh M G! Such a great word. The word itself shows the immense level of responsibility and dependability.

When we get to know that we are becoming parents soon. We get confused first of all to be happy or feel proud because our hearts are filled with joy and also fear of becoming the first time parents. You fear because until now you didn’t have an actual responsibility to look upon and now suddenly someone will arrive in your life who will completely depend on you!

You thought that you are childish until now but a child will come into your life who will probably be as tiny as a cute little plush toy. So delicate and miniaturized. The phase of pregnancy is spent with special care and love in the family and with your partner too. The day arrives when you will finally see that little toy which is created by you.

You take them in your hands and they are as little as your palm. You fear to even touch them because you feel that you will maybe hurt them, but that’s not so. How can you hurt it when you are the parent of that child?

Oh M G wait, what? What did you just read? Parents! Yes, Parents.

How does life change after marriage?

You are finally parents to someone. Within a blink of an eye, before you even notice you are in Parenthood.

Singlehood finished when your partner walked into your life but parenthood is a job in which you can never resign. It is an unending duty, day-night and every second you have to be in parenthood but it is so much fun just like a roller coaster.

But you have your partner with you and you both become great parents of course. Now the new journey begins. Your child is in the phase of childhood and you care for them just like your parents did and they cared for you just like their parents did.

It is an unending loop you see. This keeps on repeating with every generation. But this loop of singlehood to parenthood is the most beautiful experience of life! This is it, the answer to the most searched question about how does life change after marriage relies on this post.

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