Lollipop baby camera is the best gadget for your baby.

Lollipop baby camera will make you worry less about your baby, find out how?

Back in time, when we were babies. What if our parents had such cool things to keep an eye on us even if we were away from them. To look if we are okay or crying or we need something or are we in some trouble?

They didn’t have any such gadget and which was not a huge regret by the way because in the past most of the Mothers weren’t the working Mothers like today’s generation has. The scenario was completely different. We all the time had someone to keep an eye on

But this era has changed it all, now in this era, everyone has a job or other works and the jobs do not always allow to keep an eye over the baby, this is the complaint of most parents of this generation

You know, this gadget is an invention which every parent ever demanded. These days both the parents have their working duties and at such period they also need to pay attention to their baby

This schedule makes it difficult to do two tasks at similar timings in two different places. Like you, some other parents suffered this same problem and they decided to bring the solution to all of you by simply designing the best baby camera gadget ever: a lollipop baby camera.

Lollipop Baby Camera

Let us discuss the features of the lollipop baby camera.

This camera is as its name suggests. The lollipop baby camera is designed in the lollipop shape. It is provided with the most flexible tail which can bend. This camera also forms in any shape which you want. It gets attached to almost anything with the help of the tail

The lollipop baby camera comes with amazing features. It has a bird’s eye view camera and a tail which you already read about. Now, what is it which makes this baby camera special?

The important features differentiate it from the other cameras. The first and foremost thing is its night vision camera so that not the only day. You can watch your baby sleeping peacefully at night. If not peacefully then you can peek into their room and solve their problem

Another thing which is special about this camera is that; it has an automatic sensor in it which can detect the type of noises. Especially it can denote the baby’s crying sound

the features of the lollipop baby camera.

The crying sound will be not only detected but you will immediately get a notification on your phone as well. That notification will pop up with a sound and then you can immediately on the video or go check yourself. Isn’t it cool?

We have discussed the basics of the lollipop baby camera. We shall now discuss the reviews of the baby camera

Lollipop baby camera: reviews

Many parents use a lollipop baby camera. One of them has also said that they have left their babies for more than 3 hours. They just kept an eye through the camera. They said that the lollipop baby camera saved them

One couple from America were denying the camera quality product because of the last experience. Until they set the lollipop baby camera which changed their perspective for this gadget. They believe that it has amazing camera quality and they are happy with the product

A single parent from Europe had to manage the baby, house, and also work. He was having a hard time managing it all even though he worked from home

Also, he got to know about the lollipop baby camera from the ads. He purchased one to install it in the baby’s room. It turned out a miracle for him because now he could keep an eye on the baby as well as work

He said that babysitters these days are not as reliable as these cameras are. Plus you save loads of bucks in such a manner. Babysitters need to be paid hefty fees and this camera can be installed once. You only need to pay a little subscription on the app monthly, that’s all

You can also purchase the product and get what is best for your baby’s safety. The lollipop baby camera is genuinely the best product.

Now let us discuss the things you will get with the product when you will purchase it.

In the box, you get items like:

1) A power cord

2) A power adapter

3) A few cord guards

It also comes with the wall mounting clip in the form of a branch looking thing and the camera itself is there in the box

the things you will get with the lollipop baby camera

What is placed inside the lollipop baby camera?

Now let’s take a look at what is installed inside the camera. The lollipop has a one-third inch 1.27 megapixels CMOS sensor. The camera records video at 720p resolution at 30 frames per second

Let’s read further about the night vision of the lollipop baby camera. The lollipop baby camera has two different night visions – 8 infrared LED 940 nm IR light for short distance monitor. The second one is – 8 infrared LED 850 nm IR light for the long-distance monitor

This night vision infrared camera has two settings that switch on and off automatically.

Lollipop Baby Camera

What are the features of the application?

Connecting the lollipop baby camera to the application is not a difficult task. The best feature is that the lollipop camera can denote the difference between the ambient noise and the cry. The awesome thing is that you get an alert notification to each type of noise

You can configure the sensitivity of these noises through the app. The app also has an array of noise options. You can choose the noises you should want to get notified about

The Alexa integrates the camera. You can have access to the data history, isn’t this cool?

Do not worry because you can turn the privacy mode on which prevents the video streams from recording from the cloud

You can catch the video and audio streams from the lollipop website. This amazing gadget also has a continuous recording feature which means that you can have a lot of empty crib footage and how much footage you have access to is based on what monthly subscription you can buy

Now you must be wondering about the notification feature

Then the answer is uncomplicated. Wifi connection develops this system. You just have to connect the system with the wifi and for the application

You will get the application “Lollipop” on Google Play Store and you will then download it on your phone. It is easy peasy to register on the app and once you have registered, you can easily watch your baby and hear the notifications it sends you

You just have to purchase the monthly or yearly subscription pack to access the app and its features. The lollipop baby camera is the best.

Lollipop Baby Camera

Let us further know about the subscription package:

You have four subscription plans

1. The base package

2. The advance package

3. The premiere package

4. The elite package

The base version is free of cost and it gives you seven days of a worth event recording, intelligent alerts, snapshots, and customized activity zones

The advance package is like the base version itself. It gives you 30 days of a worth event recording, intelligent alerts, snapshots, and 30 days of customized activity zones

The premiere package is like the advanced one. You get 10 days of continuous recordings, intelligent alerts for 30 days, snapshots, customized activity zones, and the video downloads

The elite package version is similar to the premier but instead of 10 days, it will give you 30 days of continuous recordings, boom, bang on, this is insane as well as cool that you will get the continuous recordings of the room in which the camera is placed

Plus the elite version gives you intelligent alerts for the next 30 days with snapshots, customized activity zones, and the video downloads

The best package is that they are designed for you to get clear shot ideas on what you want. If you are thinking that with the other bills, you will have one more bill added up every month and it is frustrating then chill a bit because lollipop app has the subscription not only for the month but also for a year and that too for a discount

Select your package and pay for a year already so that you need not worry about the bills for the subscription of the lollipop app for another year

Let us know a little more about the lollipop baby camera.

You must be wondering about the stem thing that this lollipop has. It is given for you to mount/ place the camera wherever you like. Now met us discuss the 5 types of mounting in which you can place the camera in the room

The mounting system is to give the camera a stand on which the camera can be placed to get a bird’s eye view of the place where you want to keep an eye on

You have to be sure that the camera is placed on the right thing. If you are installing such an expensive thing so it better be worth the money

The poses in which you can attach the camera or the tail are:

1) The crib mount

2) The bond amount

3) The surface mount

4) The wall mount

5) The roll mount

The poses in which you can attach the camera or the tail

A crib mount is what its name suggests, to just roll around the crib’s grill by using the included cord guards and it is good to go. This camera should be installed in the direction of the door so that who is entering the door will be also visible

Tip: do not attach the camera to the crib if your baby is not below one year because the way it will be placed at the crib would be easily accessible to the child who can quickly grab it and they might also damage it

Well, it comes with a silicone body and it is good enough not to harm them.

A bond amount is a similar one to the crib mount. It is just that it is wrapped with the included plastic connector with the help of tail to the crib itself with a bit more security

Tip: similar tip to the crib mount. Do not tuck the baby cam in such a manner if your baby can easily grab it

A surface mount is a beautiful twistie around any object on the table. You can twist it around a little plant on the table near your baby’s crib and place it nicely so that you get a view

Tip: better to keep this option as the least chosen one because in other options you get the most out of it. You will not get a proper view or let us say that you might only get the view of one place and it might be blocked too

A wall mount will take a little effort because now the screws which you got with the box will be in use. This is as its name is suggested. It is attached to the wall

When you attach the branch-like structure in the wall then you just have to twist the lollipop camera around the branch and here it goes

Tip: Choose the area wisely and already guess the angle properly. If once fixed you will only get that one view and if you try to remove then the three holes on the wall would be there as it is

It is a suggestion that the wall mount should be decided if you are very sure about the direction otherwise you can opt for something else too

A roll mount is your choice. You see that lamp on the table or maybe a rod in the room also a rack or you can just purchase a lamp and you can twist it and roll the camera around it. These are the best ways you can try with the lollipop baby camera.

Tip: go for it first because it has your choice in it and this option can give you the best view of the room as you want

Go for it guys, just purchase it because it is indeed the best investment because nothing can beat the security of your loved bundle of joy. Do comment if you have purchased one and let us all know about the product and its more cool features. Buy the lollipop baby camera and worry less about your child.