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Majestic book club for your little ones: let your child fall in love with the studies.

Majestic Book Club, is dedicated to creating high-quality products for children. It is for children from 1 to 6 years of age. Majestic book club is one of India’s leading children’s book publishers. They contain a variety of puzzles that are so fun to solve. Your child will be amazed to indulge in them. These puzzles keep the mind busy as well as away from all sorts of wrong habits such as watching television all day long or playing games on the phone.

Why should you give your kids gifts from the majestic book club?

Majestic book club.

Majestic book club is a trusted brand with so many good features. These toys such as puzzles and books are shipped worldwide. You can get the things online on Amazon as well or you can directly order them from the majestic book club. You will not see any such brands which offer you quality products for your child as well be cost-friendly. The specialty of the majestic book club is that the products are within the budget. They never compromise on the quality of the product as well.

The children must be gifted now and the. Because they deserve happiness. But you must make sure that the products are promptly useful for them. The gift must be of their benefits which increases their mind power as well as make them happy. Majestic book club has made sure that its products are gift-worthy. The most important thing about this book club. These toys and books are manufactured using 100% recycled paper. This is environmentally friendly and you should support this action. You can even teach your children about this environment-friendly step of the brand. Let your child understand the importance of saving the environment.

You can shop at the majestic book club by the age of your child. They have segregated all their products into three different categories by age. This can make your task simple. You just have to go to the section you want and shop for your child. They have an amazing collection as per age.

There are three categories. The categories are for age 2+, 3+, and 5+ year old children. The level of puzzles is easy in the category of toys of the children who are two or two plus. Then there is a medium-level category for children who are 3+. The level is a slight up in the toys and puzzles. Then there is the third and most difficult level. Level Three for the children above the age of five. The puzzles are of a difficult level. You must explore all the toys for your idea.

Let us see all three categories of majestic book club one by one.

Forage 2 or 2+ there are a total of 13 items for children. All the 13 items are fun. These are designed by keeping in mind the innocence of a child who is just born and wants to explore his first steps yet. The products which are included in this category. All for the first learning of your child. These all are a must-buy product. You must take complete advantage of the section.

The first product is “the little librarian”. This includes a set of 12 books that have all the important topics covered. These topics are necessary for a child to learn at a tender age. So that they are remembered for life.

Majestic book club.

This little library is a collection of 12 lovely board books. It is an excellent first step to prepare your kids for school. These books are best for little learners. You children are just trying to figure things out. This library includes a wide range of learning topics and everyday objects. Such attractive books with beautiful sizes and shapes of different things draw the attention of your child. There are bright colors used everywhere. The topics included are ALPHABETS, NUMBERS, BIRDS, SHAPES, VEHICLES, COLOURS, ANIMALS, PEOPLE AT WORK, FRUITS, VEGETABLES, RHYMES, AND STORYBOOK.

Majestic book club.

The animal’s puzzle box is a fun toy in which the children attach the pieces of the puzzle to form a beautiful picture.  When fun and education mix, this 20-piece easy peasy puzzle comes out of the mixture. It also has a book inside it therefore, your little ones can learn educational stuff during their leisure time.

The artwork on each puzzle piece is so pretty that it will give your child a thrill while assembling the puzzle. Its durability also speaks for itself as the extra-thick cardboard pieces feature an easy-to-clean surface that will keep the puzzle looking new every time your kid plays with it.

Categories of majestic book club.

When solving this puzzle, cognitive abilities such as concentration, time management, and visual recognition power will also improve in your child. This easy peasy puzzle is just what they need to pass their time harmoniously.

With premium-quality always on our mind, the Majestic Book Club always designs toys and its other products safely and enthusiastically.

Similar to animal puzzles, there are a variety of puzzles. You can shop as per your children’s wish and their favorite puzzle type. The puzzles are Transports puzzle, Alphabets puzzle, Birds puzzle, Professions puzzle, Shapes puzzle, Numbers puzzle, Colours easy peasy puzzle

Categories of majestic book club.

The next thing is my first learning. It is a little library for your child. It can be the first-ever library for your child.

Who doesn’t love books that keep your little ones occupied and give them amusing factual information at the same time? The Little Library by the Majestic Book Club comes with eight books in total. With vibrant pictures and facts that will make your child more knowledgeable than ever, this book set is a gift that keeps on giving.

Majestic book club.

The board books are of a small size which can allow your child to take them wherever they want; whether they are traveling somewhere or just going to school to share with their friends. These books will also look pleasant when placed on the shelf among your child’s other toys at home. We aim to only create toys and products which not only make sure that your child has the greatest playtime but also they learn something valuable during all of their play sessions.

Similar to this first little library, there are other such books as well which you can purchase for your little ones for extra knowledge of the things. The libraries are animals in action, the dino world, and the things that go – a little library. I have purchased my first learning library for my child. This is proved to be such awesome shopping.

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Let’s explore the next category of the majestic book club.

Forage 3 or 3+ there are a total of 84 items for children. All the 84 items are fun. These products include puzzles and books as well.

The human body puzzle is the most famous product of the brand itself. Every child must have one. This puzzle teaches about the parts of the body in a fun manner. I have already purchased this for my boy. My child is learning and playing at the same time. 

Majestic book club.

The world of puzzles is amazing. This product by the Majestic Book Club is a 50+ piece floor puzzle with a book inside it. And, the puzzle measures 68x48cm after it gets complete.

The artwork featured in this puzzle is colorful and detailed. We can assure you that your child will love each puzzle piece for how beautiful it looks. The easy-to-clean surface of the extra-thick cardboard pieces will also make sure that the puzzle stays clean for the longest time.

This product will be best used by children that are 3+ as it will contribute to the betterment of their cognitive abilities. Even their imagination will be boosted and before you know it. They will grow up to be very creative individuals.

There are more such interesting puzzles for this age category. The puzzles are The farm, Deadly dragons, Playful pirates, Magical monsters, Giggly ghosts, etc.

Categories of majestic book club.

There are storybooks included in this category. Stories are all fun with the languages such as English and Hindi.

Thumbelina’s fun book is the best. Your little one deserves your love but they also deserve stories from the fantastical world, stories that give them the freedom to imagine, to create, and to visualize.

Treat them to the Majestic Book Club’s fairy tale English storybook that has been abundantly supplied with cute illustrations, a 24-piece puzzle, and activity sheets.

Read this English storybook when it is nighttime for kids or when they just want to do something new during their playtime.

Read stories or having them read out loud. It will increase their listening power and critical thinking. Who knows? They might be able to create some English stories of their own in some time. Buy this book or gift it to a child aged 3+. We assure you that they will not only love the book but also the artwork presented in it.

There are more such Hindi fun books such as the selfish horse, the golden goose, the frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, Alice in Wonderland, the beauty, and the beast, etc.

Let us see what the category of 5+ includes in the list of majestic book club.

Forage 5 or 5+ there are a total of 8 items for children. All 8 items are fun.These are the puzzles that are at the most difficult level. The Rumble jumble puzzles are the name. The rumble jumble at the zoo, in the snow, under the sea, jungle Safari, in space, in the city of Dubai, knights, and Princess, the desert safari.

Who said that the Moon, the Sun, and other heavenly bodies are light years away? We say they are right here; in this astronomical puzzle. Rumble Jumble- In The Space is a 70-piece puzzle to delight and enlighten your child at the same time.

Majestic book club.

This puzzle by Majestic Book Club features artwork that is thoughtful, beautiful, and original. This puzzle will become a special addition to your little one’s toy collection in no time. The puzzle features durable and extra-thick cardboard pieces that are extremely easy to clean. It is ideal for children that are 5+ as this toy is not only enjoyable but also a learning tool to improve hand-eye coordination, visual-recognition ability, and concentration.

These were the three categories of majestic book club. These all are highly recommended products. That’s a good collection for kids. Comment below the favorite product of your child.

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