How to make your child communicate with you? The most effective solutions to it.

Make your child communicate with you. You will get the best solutions for this problem in this blog post. Stay connected till the end.

Communication is the key to creating a great relationship with your child. Humans are blessed with the senses they possess. The senses which we use in daily life and one of which is a gift of the ability to speak. This is the gift that has made humans so successful. If we use this ability then it can do wonders. Make your child communicate with you.

Humans can convey anything through the habit of speech but we sometimes lack in this part because of our mistakes of taking this ability for granted. But we shouldn’t take this for granted. Make your child communicate with you, it is necessary.

Especially, the little ones are the victims of this communication failure because everybody takes them lightly. Have you seen a person talking like a child with a child? With all those expressions and a weirdly funny tone, what is the need for it because those are also humans too, they can be spoken normally too

The main factor is actually “speaking”

As a parent, they expect this first from you that you will speak with them and understand them so that they can share whatever they want to with you and you will understand no matter what

But mostly they see the scenario contrary to this, they expect from you first and if there is the communication barrier then they would not even try to communicate to someone else and once they reach an age where they find someone who listens to them and understand them, then obviously they get closer to that person instead of you

Now how to overcome such situations? How to make your child communicate with you?Do you know it is never late to start something, you can also try this and if your child is young then you must give a thought to make the communication your connection and make it your priority

Let us see what factors some parents lack and understand them well. Let us make your child communicate with you.

Make your child communicate with you

Make your child communicate with you and Make communication a priority

This should be the first and the foremost advice that

“Communication must be added in day to day life”

You all must spend some amount of the day speaking about each other’s life. Make your child communicate with you or you can talk to each other about the daily experiences. You can discuss day to day problems.

You should either speak with each other at the dinner table or talk a few minutes before heading to bed at night. Make them speak about the day spent or about any problems that occurred in the day, you can also share your happiness or some good achievements for the day.

You can make your child communicate with you. Convey them the current affairs for the day, this will also sharpen their thoughts on general knowledge about the world

Select whatever you want but speak to them because speaking can make them feel good and they will feel important

Make your child communicate with you. Include your child in the family issues as well

We never include them in the topics whichwe discuss in the family. We think that these things will impact badly but it is the other way round. While you try to protect them from the tension of the day.

They feel lonely and useless that they can not advise you about things and feel unimportant and when they find someone who listens to them and take advice from them then they automatically incline towards them

Include them in your day to day discussions. Let them listen to you if they have something to share or an opinion to give then do not stop them. Even if their idea is stupid, listen to them. If the correction is needed then correct them. Appreciate them for their ideas

This will give a sense of responsibility to them and they might grow with a sense of being important and enough confidence to give someone opinions

Only commanding them without any reasons is not good

This was faced by many of us from generation x, generation y, and the generation z

We were always scolded for almost everything we did. Don’t sit like that, don’t eat like that, don’t step outside with your left leg, do not cut nails on Saturday, etc.

And when asked for the reasoning. They shouted that no reasons should be asked.

Even we do to the kids these days that, “you should drink water while sitting, don’t hit the younger sibling, don’t sleep and eat”

But we never state the reason and that’s the communication lagging. We never explain to them the scientific knowledge behind it

Communicate with them and let your child understand that you should drink water while sitting.

We must explain to them the reason for not sleeping and eating because that would make the fold morsel stuck in the neck and which might result in choking

The reasons are as simple as that but we don’t state because we lack in the communication area. Make your child communicate with you.

Without investing time in teaching them things we expect them to know already

Make your child communicate with you

We expect that they should already know the art of cleanliness and the knowledge about speaking softly to everyone

We should understand the fact that they are not born with the capacities and we need to teach them with proper time investment

They might take a little time to understand but eventually, they would get the things you teach them

Just invest proper time and let them understand easily. Make your child communicate with you.

If the child mocks a fat person then we scold without stating a reason

If the child mocks a fat person then we scold without stating a reason

Being judgemental is teaching is gave to the children by society itself. When a child does this then he is scolded in return. Make your child communicate with you and let them understand the difference between good and bad.

Fat body, black skin, tall person or a small being are the same. These things are judged by a child because of the societal views. We need to teach them the right thing

Make them understand without setting up fear in their minds and let them speak whatever they think of and in such a way, you would understand their misconceptions and it would be easy for you to communicate

Make your child communicate with you. Don’t shout and speak calmly

Generally, parents teach their kids to stay calm and poised always. On the contrary, parents shout on the top of their voice all the time. Make your child communicate with you and shouting will not help you.

This happens almost in every house. This thing isn’t taught because this is learned by the observations. If you give wrong signals then they might confuse and copy the wrong thing because wrong deeds are always easy to perform

Communicate in the same way you would want your child to communicate. Don’t be high on the volume, instead show them the importance of staying calm by always being calm

Some of the things are wrongly expressed on purpose

Every kid gets a question at some age that where does a baby comes from and which is okay to think about

But many of the parents state the wrong reasons or mock them without even replying. This will impact in the wrong way on their minds

Instead, state a proper reason, if you can’t state a reason at an early age then make them understand that you will explain the answers to their questions when they will grow up a little

We tend to think that a child doesn’t understand a request but they are smarter and they accept things sooner than we do because they are like a white sheet of a blank paper and they understand whatever we want to say

We hide some things because to save from the embarrassment

Sometimes parents communicate only half and don’t want to continue the communication further because of some more questions from the child

This might save you from the embarrassment but the blunder it creates in a child’s mind is not good because that blunder may stay until a longer period in their brains

Clear cut communication may ease their burden of understanding things and next time they will trust you in sharing their views and thoughts about something

Make your child communicate with you. Let them complete what they want to say.

Make your child communicate with you

We think that a child could be easily mocked because we as a parent have a right to it but this is wrong. We don’t have a right even as a parent to mock them as we want

If we cut their statement and make them shut then this habit is followed them as well. They start thinking that cutting someone else’s talk would give them a chance to win the debate but these are bad manners and we must not do this with them as well

We don’t instruct properly and then expect them to do the right thing

If you want your child to eat without spilling then spend time making them understand the reason, let them know the reason to do so, and calmly take the things. Make your child communicate with you.

Take time in making them understand, communicate properly so that they understand the difference between right and wrong. Communication is the top priority you see

Convey a thing rightly and then see if they make any mistakes to it. Instruct them calmly because they don’t learn things from the womb itself, your communication might take time to reach them

You are not attentive to their questions and ignore their talks. Make your child communicate with you.

Everyone does this to a child because we think that their talks are not as important and this is the wrongest thing. Communication lacks here and it creates a blunder in their little brains

Their brains are flooded with the questions and they expect an answer from you. So be their mentor and communicate with them properly because communication solves many issues and communication must be the top priority for your child. Make your child communicate with you.

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