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Best moral stories which will help kids in their life.

Moral stories have great importance in the life of children. Because these can help to build strong thinking abilities in the kids which may help them to make good decisions in their life. Such stories should be engraved in children’s minds from a young age. In this blog, we will read some such moral stories which have great conclusions in the end. It will make your kids understand life’s philosophy in a simpler manner.

Moral Stories
moral stories

These moral stories are quite easy and I am sure that in your school days, you must have also heard these stories. The stories which are heard from ages are of great importance and they will lead our kids to a better future. Let’s read some of the great moral stories which will help kids in their life.

One of the best moral stories- The floor and the marble idol

Moral stories which will help kids in their life.

There was a museum which was always filled with people to see a great marble idol which was made with a lot of effort. One night, the floor started speaking with the idol, “hey you mighty idol, I know that you look far better than me, and I know that you are very beautiful but still what’s the difference between you and me. I am also marble like you but still, people come here, they step on me and watch you, they never realize that I am here but they praise you.”

The marble replied very politely, “oh floor, don’t be upset, I shall explain the difference. Do you remember that when the sculptor started creating an idol from you, you couldn’t withstand the pressure of the hammer and shattered yourself down into pieces? You gave up and the sculptor gave up on you too. But when I was being carved, I bore the pain and sustained it a bit longer until the sculptor created a marvelous idol out of me and that made a difference between you and me.”

Moral: to be great, we need to bear a little pain because- no pain no gain.

One of the best moral stories- A stone, a potato, and the coffee beans

Moral stories which will help kids in their life.

Sonu was sitting on the bench in her garden wondering something deep. Her mother saw her and asked what she was thinking about. She said, “Mom, why is life complicated? Why are some decisions difficult to be made?” Mother replied, “Oh my dear Sonu, life is not complicated at all, we complicate it.” Let me show you this practically, come on let’s go to the kitchen.

They went into the kitchen and mother placed three vessels on the stove which were half-filled with water. She then asked Sonu to place a stone, a potato, and some coffee beans in three vessels respectively. She asked Sonu to keep a watch on the vessels for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes her Mother asked to notice the changes with all three ingredients.

“Mother, I know that you’re trying to explain to me something with this experiment but I am not understanding what you want to convey to me”, said Sonu. Mother, “Sonu, look at this stone, it is still the same as it was before boiling, still hard as before, the situation of hot water couldn’t change the stone’s stiffness.”

The story continues…

“Next potato, it was hard before and after going through the hot water. You can easily smash it because it has become soft. And the coffee beans are nowhere to be seen because the beans have dissolved in the water. You can smell the fresh aroma from the coffee because those beans have changed the situation around it and made the water worthy to be consumed as coffee.”

Life is something like this, you cannot always take the same decisions. You have to adjust yourself as per your life’s condition. Sometimes you will have to be firm as a stone and stand still no matter what may come in front of you, be strong. In some situations, you will have to act like a potato and take decisions with a warm heart and just like coffee beans. If you cannot change yourself then change the situation itself and change the worst condition in your and everyone’s favor. Always enjoy every moment in life.

Moral: be strong when needed, take decisions with a warm heart if the situation says so. Always bring positivity out of a bad situation.

The milkmaid and her pails

 moral stories
The milkmaid and her pails

Once a milkmaid was taking two pails filled with milk to the market to sell and earn some money from it. While on the way she was daydreaming about the money. Mary thought to herself, “wow! I will sell the milk and earn some money from the market. With that money I will buy some chicken and chickens will grow up to lay some eggs. With those eggs, I will get more chickens.”

“More chickens, more eggs, more eggs, more money.” Then Mary’s attention diverted towards the money, “I will buy a piece of land, and then I will put the land on lease. I will get more money and I will keep on buying lands and become the richest landlord in the village. After that, I will build a huge mansion on the top of the hill and lead a rich life.”

As she almost built a mansion of her dreams, she tripped and fell over her face, the two pails went rolling down the road shattering all her dreams. Mary cried in pain because the milk went in vain. Mary said, “Oh God! Why me?”

Moral: do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

The hare and the tortoise.

Hare and the Tortoise
The hare and the tortoise.

Once upon a time, there was a Jungle in which lived a rabbit. The rabbit was quite proud of his ability to be the fastest little animal. On one such hot day, the rabbit was passing through the jungle. He saw a tortoise who was walking very slowly and thought of an idea. He thought to show off his abilities in all the jungle by racing with the slow tortoise. Rabbit went near the tortoise and asked him, “Oh tortoise, let’s have a running race where you and I will compete in front of the whole jungle.” After hearing this Tortoise immediately agreed to the race.

The next day in the morning the hare and tortoise were standing at the starting point of the race and every animal from the jungle was also present there for the race. Mr. Giraffe whistled and the race began. Rabbit already was leading and he sped off towards the jungle. But the tortoise was very slow but he was consistently walking towards the jungle. The rabbit was about to complete the race but he saw that the tortoise is very slow and he will take a lot of time. So the rabbit thought to take a little rest under the tree.

Soon the rabbit slept off. The tortoise was still consistent and he almost reached the end of the race. Rabbit woke up and he was shocked to see the tortoise winning the race. All his pride was shattered in seconds.

Moral: never be proud of your abilities and always know that slow and steady wins the race.

One of the best moral stories- The lion and the mouse

Moral stories which will help kids in their life.

The lion and the mouse
The lion and the mouse

Once in the jungle, a huge lion was sleeping and a mouse was running over him. The mouse disturbed the lion’s sleep and that made the lion very angry. The lion held the mouse tight and was about to eat him just when the mouse pleaded for his life in front of the lion.

He said, “oh mighty lion, please forgive this little mouse. I made a mistake but I am too small, I wouldn’t be enough to you so instead please leave me. I promise that when in need, I shall be of great help to you.” Seeing the mouse’s confidence, the lion roared in laughter and left the little mouse free.

One day, some hunters caught the lion and tied him against the tree. The lion roared and roared for help but nobody came. Just when the mouse was passing through the jungle he saw the lion in danger. The mouse went up to the lion and gnawed the ropes. In no time the lion was free from the net and he thanked the little mouse because that little animal had saved his life today. They sped off in the jungle as good friends.

Moral: be helpful to everyone because even a little help can revert as a huge favor for you.

Moral stories can give huge life lessons. Read these stories to your kids and share in comments about your kid’s favorite moral stories. Thank you for reaching the end of the post.

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