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How our lives are affected by technology?

Our lives are affected by technology. This is not a hidden fact that technology has taken over this world now. We are under the influence of technology so much that technology is controlling our lives. The past few decades have changed the face of this world marvelously. Yes, technology’s invention cannot be claimed as a disaster either because the benefits it has caused to the world are remarkable.

In this post, you will read everything about how our lives are affected by technology. The effects of the technology are positive as well as negative. As they say that a coin has two faces in a similar way even technology has its double effects on the world. It depends on the user mostly. It depends on how someone will control the usage of technology in their particular life.

Let us now see the answer to the question that how our lives are affected by technology?

Our lives are affected by technology because our choices are changed.

Back then in a time when people were far away from any such technological changes they use to live a simple life. Every day the routine was similar. They were happy with this kind of life but not this generation. We are affected by the everyday advertisements which we see about the different products.

This generation chooses its life depending on the advertisements shown through the medium of technology. We cannot live a similar boring life every day. This generation always wants a new trend from the internet to follow. From eating to clothing our choices have changed because of technology.

Our lives are affected by technology because the way we think has changed.

Our lives area affected by technology

When technology wasn’t in existence people were only familiar with their surroundings. They were unknown to the other country’s people. The influence of their ancestors was on them. But this generation is the mixed generation. Because we are no more bound to only our state or country. These limits and boundaries are crossed by the technology itself.

People are under the influence of what they see and feel on the internet. This has made us all change the way we think about particular things. We think about what we see and we see what we are shown on the internet. The way we think about culture, traditions, dress forms, food, the standard of living, etc. has changed.

Technology has put the TV in our pockets.

In the 20th century, when televisions were just invented, people were completely shocked about that idiotic black and white box. Imagine if they would ever come in this era just to see that the TV is now fit even in the pockets of humans then they would get a shock again. Technically the televisions are still big and of the size to be installed in the house. But if we talk about mobile phones then the televisions have made it to the pockets.

This generation has access to anything with their mobile phones. Mobile phones were the best of all the inventions a man could ever have. Our lives are affected by technology and mobile phones are the true answer to it. We can not only watch what we want on the phones but we can even do our daily activities on it. It is truly a blessing of technology to mankind.

Children’s lives have changed through technology.

Children’s lives have changed through technology.

Our lives are affected by technology and most of all the children are affected. The generation born in this century has only seen technology as they grew up, therefore, there is a different influence on their minds about technology. The way this generation thinks about everything has a difference from the past generations. The most impacted generation from the technology is the children of this era.

Dates have become easy with technology.

In the past, if we talk about dating and relationships then it was the most difficult part. They had no other options rather than waiting for their partners. But this generation has changed the ways of maintaining a relationship. It is much easier now.

This change is of course because of the changes in technology. The internet connectivity and the apps have

The posture of sitting has changed because of luxury in life.

The posture of sitting has changed because of luxury in life.

This might look an only a slight change but in reality, this is a major trap in human life due to the luxury of life. In the past, people were hardworking. They had to do it all by themselves. From transportation to work-life everything was not so easy for them.

They had some form of physical work in life. But this generation is stuck to their chairs for life. The work is no more physical. We get up in the morning, get ready and go to the office in our vehicles. In the office, we work for the whole day sitting at one place in front of a laptop.

At least 6-7 hours we are stuck at the same place. Research shows that 40% of human civilization has changed the way they sit which is not good at all for the back and the health. The way of walking and the posture of sitting has changed in humans. This can be dangerous.

Technology has risen the level of depression and mental health in humans.

Technology has risen the level of depression and mental health in humans.

Our lives are affected by technology and this has shown the most effects on our brain. While we talk about how luxurious it is to have technology in our lives then we must mention the worse effects of technology as well. The researchers say that in the past humans were close to nature but now the scenario has completely changed the face.

The era after the invention of technology has benefited many things but affected human and environmental relationships. Exposure to sunlight is a must-needed thing in the human body. But technology has made us be all the time in our flats and offices. It is as if we are packed in a box. The invention of vehicles running on fuel has changed the world but pollution is affecting human health and it is taking a toll on our lives.

Our lives are affected by technology and even the social lives are disturbed.

We, humans, have come closer to the world but we are getting far and far away from the people we love the most. Sitting in one single house we are busy with our gadgets rather than giving time to each other. If the family is getting apart then so is the social life.

The people from the past had a strong connection with each other. They cared for each other and talked to each other. But now the generation has changed. Even the neighbors hardly exchange words nowadays. Our social lives are affected because of technology.

Our lives are affected by technology because there is less physical activity.

Technology has made transportation easy. Even the physical work of day-to-day life is replaced. We rather take escalators or lifts than the steps. Vehicles are used even if we have to cross the distance of 500 meters. There are machines for making food and washing clothes. Even the house is cleaned by using the machines. This has lessened our physical tasks of day-to-day life.

This kind of routine makes our body weak. Our body is not designed for this luxury. It is rather made for doing heavy physical work and if we discard that from life then we are surely discarding a healthy body from our life.

Our lives are affected by technology and ease of communication is the best product of it.

In the past, if someone had to send a message to their loved ones or relatives then they had to write a letter first and then post it. This would take days for one letter to reach. This has been made easier by technology nowadays. Whenever we have to communicate a message, it is a simple task of 1 minute now.

Take your phone out and type whatever you want in a message. The best thing about a message is to call. The video calling system makes you feel as if the person is sitting in front of you. Communication has made the works connect easily. Communication is the best thing technology has given this human life.

Business strategies have improvised due to technology.

Business strategies have improvised due to technology.

The old school business way of doing the business within a city and getting only the customers of that particular city is old fashioned business now. Rather this generation is becoming digital and going global. Business strategies such as marketing advertisements have flooded the market with amazing ideas.

People are struggling to convert their old school business on the platform of the world. The platforms to represent the business on social platforms are none other than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, etc. This has given rise to many business opportunities. The blog you are reading is also through one of the social platforms itself.

Transportation friendly era is another best product of technology.

In the past, if people had to go from one place to another they had to struggle in many different ways. But those ways were tiring as well as time-consuming processes. Technology has made that easier. The transportation ways such as Two Wheelers, Four Wheelers, Trains, Buses, and Planes have made it easier to travel with ease and with pace. Thank god for the technology.

Medical development has been possible because of digital development.

The medical field is the sector that needs faster development. Because this is related to human life and nothing is more important than that. Our lives are affected by technology and this is true. Medical development includes machines and robots. Machines and robots are included nowadays in the operations of the human body. This has been the best gift from technology to mankind.

Our lives are affected by technology because the methods of payment are altered.

Our lives are affected by technology because the methods of payment are altered.

Back then humans only paid cash in hand. They bought the needed goods and paid immediately with cash. Now we pay paper-free money. We pay digitally through the banks by using gadgets. We use apps to transfer directly to the bank. This has made our lives easy. Our lives are affected by technology and one must take all the benefits from it.

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