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Self-feeding is important for your child. Teach your baby to self-feed.

Self-feeding is important for your child. Mothers make sure their little ones are meeting all the milestones appropriate for their age. Every milestone is like a mission.

Self-feeding is important for your child. It is like a mission. It feels as if an achievement is won if a mission gets complete. That’s a good feeling to see your child overcome a milestone.

One such milestone is that I’m currently hoping my son, Vedaant can eat his food on his own. Children start eating on their own when they are as young as 2 years old. Some of them take the time or start earlier as well. Let us understand why self-feeding is important for your child?

Self-feeding is important for your child. My journey of teaching my child about self-feeding

Self-feeding is important for your child

Self-feeding is important for your child and I knew this already. I started this when he was one year old. I took efforts from a start period itself

Initially, I used to give him finger foods to encourage him to pick up the food and eat it all by himself. Of course, it has not been an easy journey because there were ups and downs as well. I worry about him eating to the fullest or eating while the food is still warm or fresh. We have had to make compromises while motivating him to eat by himself and carefully pick my battles with him.

I wished for him to start eating on his own because we feel that when kids eat by themselves they become better eaters

The progress report of my child in this journey

Fast forward, around 2 years of age, I introduced him to spoons and forks. For this, I used spoons which were specially designed for children to make their self-feeding journey easier

The transition was not very smooth as he insisted on being fed by me. I insisted on him to feed himself. I had to employ different tricks to make him comfortable with the idea of self-feeding. Because Self-feeding is important for your child.

Self-feeding is important for your child. Some suggestions as per my experience.

Self-feeding is important for your child. I’d like to suggest a few things to fellow mothers out there who are trying to get their child to self-feed. Go with a procedure and do not hurry, take one step at a time

First of all, be patient and give them a variety of food options, preferably the foods they love eating plus which is healthy also

Then, ensure that you start with a small amount of food as the idea is to encourage them to feed themselves. You may start this at snack time

Self-feeding is important for your child

Self-feeding is important for your child. Make self-feeding fun for your child.

Cut the pieces of cucumber, tomatoes, and veggies, you can also cut them in different shapes for fun, let them eat it on their own

Prepare rotis/ flatbread of different colors by adding the pulp of veggies. For example, add spinach pulp so that the roti is cooked with green color. Prepare it in different sizes and shapes

This way they will have fun while eating because a new thing would be introduced to them and eating spinach is a healthy option as well, make them different colors roti every day with different veggies

Or else you can give them finger foods and let them help you in picking the food. Let them watch you while cooking because the cooking process might develop a sense of food preparing process in them and that would do the job

This would be of great fun, you will also definitely love to see their expressions and excitement

Teaching something new isn’t easy but it is fun

Self-feeding is important for your child. Some tasks are easy to teach but some take time, don’t worry, there are many options for the things to teach in different variety and styles

Self-eating can be a difficult job but once they get to know it, it becomes fun for them, so for that, only make sure that you enlighten their interest in it but for interest do not give a phone in their hands because that would only distract them and nothing else, they won’t learn like this

Self-feeding is important for your child. Let us win the battles of day to day life.

I hope the self-feeding journey of your child becomes easier with these tips, do not pressurize them for learning quickly because the time doesn’t matter, it’s just that the interest should be created and it won’t come so easily also

Let this journey be fun, let them have fun as well as learn. Self-feeding is important for your child and you have to work for this to achieve.

Well, in our case, most of the battle has been won. I’m very proud of him. In a month or two, I see him eating independently with making a little mess

Note that self-feeding is important for your child and get on to the work now.

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