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How Texting and driving at the same time is a Chosen mistake ?

Texting and driving at the same time is a chosen mistake and let’s understand how? Texting and driving at the same time is dangerous and we all know it. It is taught to us from childhood itself. Even though we know these all rules and laws but still as a human, we tend to make wrong decisions in that one sensitive second which may even cost our life. In that
one second, we forget to think of our family, friends and the one who is dependent on us.

That one choice of yours can give a lifetime of pain to your loved ones. No matter how careful we are in that sensitive situation, we still tend to make mistakes, therefore, we shouldn’t tempt and give up in front of the heart. Let us learn some aspects of the cliche situation about texting and driving at the same time and let us see what situation we might face by choosing the biggest mistake of our lives.

Texting and driving at the same time
Texting and driving at the same time is not safe like Video games

Texting and driving at the same time is not safe like Video games

“Come on, revive me” “give me the life so that I will be in the game again” “restore the life in me” 

Everyone knows these dialogues because we all use it while playing video games. The video games have many lives so even if we die thousands of times in it, we can come back to life and play again. I wonder if we could ever do that in real life by racing on the roads and flying cars from one building to another but I wish if it would be possible when in reality this is all possible only in video games.

We have only one life and the least could happen is that we will be impaired forever or end up on the wheelchair because of one single decision. We are not a video game pal, this is reality and only video game’s characters can be revived with no injury again.

Texting and driving at the same time is a wrong time of multitasking

No kidding over here, yes I can do that! I can dance and sing at the same time and I am taking a random guess but I think even you can do it! Yea, anybody can dance and sing at the same time. Well, if I am talking about “multitasking” then I should mention that my Mother is good at it, she is a great multitasker around the house, she manages that curry on the stove with that she reads the newspaper and prepares my tiffin while serving me.

Well, I want to establish one thing clear in your mind that multitasking is a great hobby and if you pursue that then it is great but choosing to multitask while driving will just get you to the grave. On the roads, we better pay attention to what’s happening there than checking the phone which we can check later on also. Multitasking while driving is bad. Period.

Drunk and drive can be an exception

Don’t get me wrong here but all I want to convey is that when a person is a little bit tipsy at that moment he is not in the stage of taking the right decisions or maybe the conscious mind is not into senses and that is why they tend to commit such stupidity of drinking and driving.

But when a person is in his sane mind and in the ability to make sane decisions by thinking rationally and then make a decision at that moment to pick up the device and look into it to read or call then that cannot be stupidity because that is a sheer crime. The crime of risking the lives of many people, some in the vehicle, some on the roads and his own life. That’s a mistake which may not be able to mend.

You see people tend to end in the hospitals at a very young age even after achieving the education, degrees and money of lifetime. All that hard work is to end up in such a situation? Is it? That’s bad and not of worth. Choose better for yourself.

Texting and driving at the same time is a chosen mistake

Yes, it is a miserable mistake and humans tend to make a mistake, that’s not the problem. The problem lies here – some problems have an option of mending things and getting the pieces back together but choosing to look at the mobile phone to do something which could have been avoided but not the roads then that is a chosen mistake. 

Never drink and drive you must have listened to thousands of times but never text and drive because you wouldn’t want to end up your precious life on a minimal text. That would be nothing but to treat life like a toy, so better keep your phone on silent mode and then drive or if it is so important to take the call or text then find a parking zone pal, you’ll get many and you can safely finish your work.

Trusting yourself is good but not other people

When on the roads they say, only believe in yourself and think that the other person will 100% drive rash on the roads, then only you will be worried about your life. Only trust yourself and think that everyone here is driving the vehicle for the first time.

Just trust yourself and drive mindfully. Overtake carefully and never be in the hurry. Just trust your driving skills and throw that phone on the backseat so that you will reach home safe. That’s the best way to drive a vehicle.

Your wife or boss can wait

I understand the pressure of these two people in life but they will be more than happier to find you safe. Family’s important message can wait, your boss can also wait for you because no deal is better than one’s life over here. Don’t get tempted in that one second and choose what you shouldn’t have chosen. Do not even write ttyl while driving because that ttyl would become a permanent message and to die over a ttyl is never of worth.

One single second

It is a bit harsh to write this but this is better than any misery. “That one second can lead you to splurge millions on the treatment or worse lose a person”

What we have in our fate isn’t decided by us, road accidents can happen without a reason also but sometimes we mistakenly opt for wrong doings and we engrave fate by that one stupid reason. This can be simply avoided because one decision taken in that one second can be wrong also. Sometimes in life, we definitely have heard about the stories of death or misery because of texting and driving and we still choose that over our lives so that is a sheer risk like a video game.

We need to get this straight that texting and driving at the same time is a wrong option and that needs to be amended only by you.

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