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What are the healthy snack ideas for kids? Do you know?

The healthy snack ideas for kids which you should know it all.

the healthy snack ideas for kids

Gobble and wobble and gobble and wobble. This is the only thing those tiny hooligans do all day. They are never steady at a place and wobbling over the house. That’s why they frequently search for food but it is alright because we would give them the tastiest food.

Before going to the healthy snack ideas for kids directly. Let us read something about the tender age. Their need plus what should be fulfilledwhat must be immediately stopped.

Children are at a growing age until they grow to adolescence. They are always busy in some or other work. They either are at schools or doing homework or playing and hopping all day round. Their body continuously demands something to eat.

But do you know what is more significant to pay attention to, it is about the liquid levels in their body. Liquid levels must not be extra or less and they do not pay attention to it, they never do but you will have to see to that.

For instance – when they play all day and at some time, come in the house and drinks loads of water in a hurry while standing and then rush again. But you know that is so wrong and incorrect.

First of all, water is gulped while sitting. Not while standing because it passes through the correct pipe in the body while sitting posture. Second, you need to pay attention that they drink it at a slow pace and not once at a time. Water is a necessary drink but be attentive that they have it appropriately for a whole day at regular intervals.

Now you must be wondering that this blog is related to the healthy snack ideas for kids. But why the topic of water popped. That’s because you to know the point that whole day binge eating food is a bad habit. After all, food must be eaten at its proper time. When they keep on eating little snacks then they don’t eat at proper times.

Most of the time when they say they are hungry, they are not in reality. But it is just what it feels to them. For that, do this thing, whenever they say that they are hungry. Then give them a little cup of lemon water, squeeze some lemon in water and that’s it.

Or give a little cup full of curd. Curd is also healthy to eat or you can give them some nuts and dry fruits for chewing. This will most probably eradicate their hunger and if doesn’t then you can try these healthy snack ideas for kids for your little one.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Fried Paneer toasted with boiled veggies.

This is a bowl full of wonderful healthy and tasty things. Chop a few veggies such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and whatever is handy. Cut the cottage cheese (paneer) into slices and roast them crispy with slight butter in the pan with a pinch of chili powder and toss the veggies and cheese together with salt as you want.

That’s it, the tasty bowl of healthy snacks is presented. You can give it to your child with a glass of fruit juice.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Roti Chivda.

This is the tastiest snack again, the name conveys it all, whatever leftover roti is remaining. You grind that in the mixture first and then keep a pan on the gas on the medium flame and add a little bit of butter or oil.

Put the mustard seeds, curry leaves, and fry all the veggies you love in the oil and fry them nicely after then put all your flavors of spices and add the ground mixture in the pan to fry quickly.

The special ingredients are saved for the last, add a spoonful of lemon water and chopped coriander and then you will feel the beautiful aroma of roti chivda is spread throughout the kitchen. Serve hot and tasty chivda with peanut chikki and you also deserve a plate of it, enjoy.

Makhana or popcorns.

Makhana or popcorns.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Makhana or popcorns. This is the healthiest and easiest on the list. Makhanas are the new popcorns. They are made with the seeds of Euryale Ferox or lotus seeds. They can be added with any spicy flavors as you want.

Popcorns are popular for being healthy of course, no doubt. Plus popcorns are an easily available snack and giving it as an evening refreshment would be fun and children love it, you can make popcorns at home with the dried corn seeds and spices of your own choice.

Turkish peanuts.

These are the ground nuts that are covered in twins at a time. We eat it by breaking the outer cover. The reason these are called Turkish peanuts is that these are famous in Turkey and healthy too there for the healthy snack ideas for kids includes these.

You can give these either by boiling them in water plus salt. Trust me these tastes so better. Once they are boiled or you can simply give them the roasted ones with salt and spices. Let them have as a snack. These are loved by my kid, try it, it is indeed a healthy option.

Brown bread with stuffed veggies

Brown bread with stuffed veggies

The healthy snack ideas for kids include brown bread with stuffed veggies. Brown bread you can get anywhere but make sure you do not purchase the white one because it has all-purpose flour in it which is bad for health.

Cook the veggies in little oil but make sure that you don’t overcook them. Roast the brown bread in a pan and add veggies on top of it. Now take a cheese cube and only grate one-third of it because much of the cheese is also not healthy.

Cut the bread into triangle slices and serve them with homemade sauce or tamarind chutney.

Veggies beverage with peanuts or dry fruits.

Dry fruits and peanuts are loved by the kids. Because these are the tastiest option plus thank God these are healthiest too. Just be attentive to only one thing. They don’t swallow the dry fruits directly or eat without properly chewing because that can cause choking.

Or the best idea is to cut into little pieces and then give it to your kids. For vegetable juices, grind any of their favorite veggies such as carrots or cucumber, and juice it completely with a strainer. Pinch of salt and pepper that’s it, ready to be served. This is one of the healthy snack ideas for kids.

Upma when stuffed with lots of veggies is one of the healthy snack ideas for kids.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Upma because it is an underrated refreshment of the day. Everyone says that it is not tasty at all. But the fact is, one who properly knows how to cook upma can add the best flavors to it.

Upma is a South Indian dish. It is cooked with loads of veggies and it isn’t soggy at all. It is the healthiest plus upma can be the evening snacks option.

Roast the semolina in a pan until it turns brown. Keep it aside and fry as many veggies you get in your house store, like carrot, spinach, fenugreek, tomatoes, onions, ginger, and the key ingredient is capsicum.

Never forget capsicum in upma and if you didn’t know this then next time try cooking upma with capsicum and you will find a significant change in the taste.

Pears and apple slices with peanut butter and walnuts.

Everyone loves Peanut butter. It is the tastiest. This can be the favorite snack of your kid and the fruits make it healthy. Cut the apple in slices and maybe pears also, whatever is in the season. Add a spoonful of peanut butter to it and top it with the chopped walnuts.

This will taste like heaven because of the crunchiness from the walnuts and sweetness of the peanut butter. Try it once and do comment down about it.

Toast chat of chickpeas.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include a toast chat of chickpeas. This can be dinner as well as evening snacks. Toasts are the healthiest, you can get them from any market. Soak the chickpeas overnight. Once they are completely soaked, fry them with spices, salt. Afterwords top them with chopped coriander.

Put the chickpeas on the toast and add half spoon of curd and half spoon of tamarind chutney and that’s it. Tastiest ever, toast chat is ready and it looks fancy to be served. This can be loved by your kiddo and what’s more amazing to know that it is healthy as well.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Coconut water.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Coconut water.

The world has accepted the fact that coconut water is the healthiest thing on this planet. If you serve original coconut water to your child every day at least half a glass. That might work wonders on him.

Coconut water had many health benefits. It must be added to the dietary regime of your child.

Gram flour dosa with grated beetroot.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include gram flour dosa with grated beetroot. Colors are loved by kids and we know the fact that beetroot is best as a natural colored flavor and food.

Take a bowl and add 3 to 4 big spoons of gram flour, grate two to three spoons of beetroot that is it and add a pinch of salt. Mix the mixture with water and keep it aside for 10 minutes. It is easy, isn’t it?

Now you know the drill. You will have to make it like pancakes or Dosa and serve the gram flour beetroot dosa with any available sauce.

Colorful Rotis with tamarind chutney.

Again the same thing, colors are indeed loved by a child. If you give something other than daily routine and pale dull food then that will be eaten immediately.

Try to make the food look good and that is how you can make the little hooligans sit at a place to eat and not wobble all the time. Add any grated veggies to the dough and prepare little rotis of different shapes and make them eat with chutney.

Puffed rice with loads of veggies.

Puffed rice is again a healthy switch and you can make these as you want. You can fry the puffed rice with spices and store it for one week. Whenever kids are hungry, chop some veggies such as tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers.

Serve the fried puffed rice with toppings as veggies. It is a healthy snack for the evening.

Rava dosa with coconut chutney.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Rava dosa with coconut chutney. Dosa is love and it is healthy too. You can prepare dosa for a week and use it when necessary. Prepare the dosa batter and refrigerate it. Whenever you decide that today you might eat dosa then put some batter as per the need in a bowl.

Keep the bowl outside of the refrigerator for the dosa to ferment and then you can enjoy it with your favorite chutney.

The healthy snack ideas for kids include Seasonal fruit beverages.

Seasonal fruit beverages.

Seasonal fruit beverage is the last and it can be a healthy option only if we avoid the sugar and anyways fruits are the natural sweeteners. Grind the seasonal fruit such as mango, watermelon, limes, grapes, pineapples, etc.

Make sure you take one fruit at a time and if you want you can strain the juice to remove the pulp and give it to your child without adding anything. But if you want you can top the juice with black pepper and salt. Heavenly!

These were the healthy snack ideas for kids.

Food art ideas for kids to make your children fall in love with their food.

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