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The woman’s safety is in her hands. Let us bring women empowerment.

The woman’s safety is in her hands. A woman is not a vulnerable soul. She is strong and she can fight for herself. The most important asset to a human is his body. But this body can be cumbersome to women in this society. Most of the women out there feel bad for owning this asset. They say that the body is home to our soul. But some of us don’t even love this home. This is a terrible thing. Imagine how bad it is to hate oneself.

The most horrible feeling is to get afraid of your body. A woman goes through this fear every single moment of her life. She doesn’t feel safe outside and neither in her own house. This makes life terrible. One shouldn’t lead such a life in which they have to think about every single step.

The truth is that the woman’s safety is in her hands and let’s know-how.

The woman's safety is in her hands.
The woman’s safety is in her hands.

Women have to think on their every single step they lead. They are afraid to go outside at night and even in the daytime. They fear going on a solo trip. There is a risk involved if she walks on a lonely road. She is bullied on every factor. She is seldom given any rights in financial matters. Also, she is not given to lead the business.

If we keep on listing the things women are facing then this post will end on a sad note. But let us see a solution to these all. The woman’s safety is in her hands. Let us fight for the women of our society. Let us also see the shortcomings in the safety of the women of our country.

The woman’s safety is in her hands and that’s why self-defense should be learned by every woman.

The woman’s safety is in her hands and that’s why self-defense should be learned by every woman.

A woman’s safety is in her hands and therefore this is the foremost point while we talk about women’s safety. Women need to protect themselves first. Because in a delicate situation, you will be your help. No one might come to rescue you. You better be prepared for the worse. Self-defense is an act that should be learned by every single human being. It is not only limited to a particular gender. That’s because anyone can get into trouble.

From a child to an old person, everyone must keep on practicing self-defense activities. Parents must make sure that their child takes some lessons in karate, boxing, or anything which includes a self-defense technique. This is imperative. Take the first step towards your safety and learn these life-saving hacks.

Immediate action and severely strict rules will be benefited in women’s safety.

Immediate action and severely strict rules will be benefited in women’s safety.

The recent reports say that there are 88 rapes per day reported in India in the year 2020. But can we guarantee that immediate action would have been taken in every case? If a criminal is not given punishment immediately for such a hideous act then it is shameful for our country. If such a horrible crime has happened and the criminal is also located then what is the point of waiting.

It should be made sure that the horrendous act is punished by law. A strict punishment must be allotted for such crimes. Law should make sure that immediate action is taken in such cases. The woman’s safety is in her hands but sometimes actions are in the hands of the law as well.

Helpline numbers and police departments in every area must take this issue seriously.

There are police stations everywhere in India. Helpline numbers are allocated for help. Departments are allocated for help. But still, these crimes happen in a huge number. That’s something we need to pay attention to. If there are departments allocated for such work. Then it must happen. Crimes must be taken into control.

This thing can solve so many issues such as rapes, burglaries, crimes, murders, lootings, etc. Even the public areas such as trains, stations, outing areas must have such departments which help the one who is in the need. That’s how we can be assured that India is a safe country to travel to.

The woman’s safety is in her hands and being vulnerable is the last thing we need.

The woman is made vulnerable because she has to give birth to a child they say. But this is not true. We believe that a woman has an immense level of strength. Because a woman gives birth to a life and that whole process itself is enough to show the strength of a woman.

That strength must be taken out. The woman’s safety is in her hands and therefore a woman must learn to fight. Being vulnerable is not going to help. You should stand for your opinions first and tell this world your capabilities. Let us show this world our strength. Be open to what you believe. Don’t let another person judge your strengths.

Stop objectifying her body. She is a woman and not a monument from a museum.

This is done everywhere. A woman’s body is objectified. This especially happens in the film industry. The film industry telecasts things about women. They want to show the woman as per the societal rules. What to wear and where to go. Flims also showcase this idea and then society learns from this.

Films telecast songs that objectify a woman. That’s what is wrong. Because it is a woman’s body and not some monument that can be done anything. Even in the houses, a woman is judged. This can stop. The woman’s safety is in her hands and she has to come up for herself.

Women shouldn’t take undue advantage of the rights they are given.

Women shouldn’t take undue advantage of the rights they are given.

Everywhere it is seen that a woman is given a privilege. If wrongdoings take place then a woman is given the priority to speak first. This is creating inequality in gender. We have seen so many cases where the punishment was given to a boy. Even if he wasn’t at fault. Just because a woman raised the case there wasn’t any investigation has taken place. That’s how more crimes are happening in the country.

A girl is taking undue advantage of the situation. There are cases where a female has done a mischievous task. She is allowed to do so. She isn’t even punished for the wrong accusations. That’s worse. A woman shouldn’t take any undue advantage of her rights. The woman’s safety is in her hands but not the law.

The infrastructure is lacking in our country.

This is a truth that infrastructure isn’t allowing the growth of our country. The public areas are unhygienic. This can be bearable by men. But if a woman has to spend time outside her house then infrastructure must be clean, updated, and hygienic.

For instance, let us talk about the restrooms and public washrooms. The report says that 89% of public washrooms and restrooms are unclean and unhygienic in India. This is not good. Because ladies of our country need a proper infrastructure to stay in. If a woman aspires to work the whole day outside in the scorching sun then she must need the public toilets which are clean to rely on. This becomes a huge problem in the period days.

Also, there should be seats everywhere to sit. Elderly citizens of the country, children, and women especially need such things to rely on. The government should take measures for such cases as well.

Basic education until graduation must be at a minimum fee.

Basic education until graduation must be at a minimum fee.

Education plays a main role in mental development. This is the thing where India lacks currently. The literacy rate in India is 74% approximately. This is high but not mental development. People are yet connected with the old typical thinking. That’s why women are facing the problem as well.

Even though the literacy rate is high but there are not many who have completed even their schools. Education in the country should be free. A person must complete his education until graduation. That’s where we will see a difference in this country. The woman’s safety is in her hands but the lack of education makes our country’s women weak.

The woman’s safety is in her hands and therefore it is best to start with the children of your house.

If a person behaves in a wrong manner. Somewhere his culture and his background are connected with it. Somewhere there is his childhood which is the reason for his wrongdoings. An upbringing plays a vital role in society. Hideous crimes just expose the wrong upbringings. Crimes can be stopped at the house themselves.

Children must be taught things right from a small age. They must be given the lessons to good manners, courtesy, and public behavior. Humans must respect animals and the environment as well. These chapters should begin even before kindergarten.

The Sex education is an important chapter to teach.

Sex education is an important chapter to teach.

“Sex” is the topic which our society abhors a lot. As if this word is banned in India. Nobody ever speaks about it. In fact, it feels awkward to even speak this word without any hesitation. That’s how our society is and this is the main root of such crimes in the first place.

Children don’t know anything about sex. This thing makes them unaware of the crimes out there. This makes them fall for the traps of this world. Sometimes children of tender age also involve in activities which they shouldn’t get into. This happens all because of the lack of knowledge. The lack of knowledge of sex education. Everyone should freely talk about it. In fact, parents must also speak with their children at a tender age about this topic.

Change in the thinking of the society will help a lot.

India lacks when it comes to open-minded people and culture. They think their culture is to keep a girl locked and safe from this cruel world. But also in their culture is Goddess Kali who kills the cruelty. She is a fierce and fearless Goddess who knows how to look after her and this world. Then there is Goddess Saraswati who is talented and she is willing to learn new things all the time.

We believe that every girl and woman can be like Kali and Saraswati. Let’s not follow the cliched thinking of our society. Let’s follow the Goddesses. Make sure that the girl and the woman in your house are given a fair deal. Just like the Men in the family. Change is within and let’s bring a change by changing our old accustomed thinking. Woman’s safety is in her hands and let’s make use of it, shall we?

The woman’s safety is in her hands and that’s why lady drivers must be increased in our country.

The woman’s safety is in her hands and that’s why lady drivers must be increased in our country.

A decade ago, if you ever found out for drivers, waiters, delivery boys, and helpers. You would find men working for such things most of the time. 99.99% it would be men handling such tasks. But now is not the same scenario. In every field, you will find girls taking the job and working day and night. This is changing in the World. Women are setting up themselves in the all-boys field.

This change is appreciable. But this change is in small numbers. You would seldom find a woman working in such fields. There is development but not a complete revolution. Lady drivers must be appointed more often. It should be made imperative because the woman’s safety is in her hands. Only one woman can help a woman if we want to get out of this situation. Let’s bring a change in society.

Technology must be taken into usage.

Technology must be taken into usage.

We are seeing a fair change in ourselves from the past two decades. People are changing and their thoughts are also changing. We are becoming more flexible with new things. The world is connected and we are learning from each other.

This all is possible because of technology. Because of technology we see ourselves at a different pace than in our past generation. This has its disasters coming around. But we must appreciate the fact that technology has truly blessed us with phenomenal thinking and connectivity. Technology has played a vital role in this era of development. Technology must not be ignored at all. It makes the world change for its betterment.

After reading this post you must have assumed our motto for writing this. We believe that the woman’s safety is in her hands and she must take benefits through it. Let’s fight for women in our society. Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

How our lives are affected by technology?

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