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How to fight covid at home? A complete guide for staying away from coronavirus.

To fight covid at home, you will have to take certain steps. These steps are very simple. This might seem like a joke. But this is not a joke at all. To fight covid at home can be easy if we all take proper measures. I have written an amazing quote to boost your confidence in this sad pandemic: “To fight from COVID, there is no need for any miracle, just common sense is enough.”

To fight covid at home.

To fight covid at home, the first thing is to fight from the fear of getting attacked by the virus. Do not panic in any situation. These days people are panicking even if they sneeze for once. Do not worry so much that your confidence is boosted down. You must learn to build a strong immunity to fight covid at home. Strong immunity will be boosted if you keep aside the fear of coronavirus.

To fight covid at home let us understand the symptoms of coronavirus.

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, dry cough, or tiredness. Some of the less common symptoms of coronavirus are sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, discoloration of fingers or toes. The serious symptoms are difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement.

First of all, you can stop the virus from entering your body. But if you feel that you have any of these symptoms then do not panic. Because even if the virus has entered your body then you can stop it at the beginning stage itself by applying some of the tips. To fight covid at home is easy if you bind by these following steps.

Let’s see what are the steps to fight covid at home:

Take lungs and breathing tests regularly to fight covid at home.

Coronavirus is a virus that attacks the lungs of a person. In this condition, it is very important to have healthy lungs. First of all, we need to check that our lungs are at least healthy or not. That can happen if you follow a simple test at home. It’s called a “breathing test”.

You will have to follow three simple steps.
  1. Breathe in (for 4 seconds)
  2. Hold your breath tightly (for 5 seconds)
  3. Breathe out slowly (for 4 seconds)

If you can hold your breath in for 5 or more seconds then your lungs are fine for now. If you can hold your breath for 10 or more seconds then your lungs are more than perfect and your health is fine. But if you could not pass this test then don’t worry because that doesn’t mean that you have caught a virus, this simply means that your lungs are weak. Weak lungs can be a problem in case you catch the virus.

Now if your lungs are weak then you should do this exercise daily to increase the strength of your lungs to hold the oxygen. You can also do this exercise even if you have passed the breathing test. Whenever in a day you get the time just do the breathing exercise. You can do this exercise multiple times a day.

Breathe in for 4 seconds. Then hold the oxygen for 5 more seconds. After that, breathe out slowly. Repeat until you feel. Do this exercise as many times as possible. This breathing exercise is useful for you throughout your life. Because healthy lungs ensure a healthy body. To fight covid at home you just have to follow little steps. These steps are simple as well.

Wear a mask wherever you go.

Wear a mask wherever you go.

You know the drill. Mask is an essential part of this pandemic. Nowadays it seems as if we will have to wear a mask throughout our life because this simple tool can save us from so many things out there. Like pollution, bad smell, and especially the virus. Doctors have researched the coronavirus. They say that 2 out of 400 people catch the virus after wearing a mask. So if you wear a mask, 99% are the chances that you might not catch the virus.

In India, the cases are increasingly rising. We must take a mask wherever we go. We all must in fact double up the mask. We must wear two masks so that we are a layer safer from this virus. When someone comes to your house like a neighbor, delivery man, relative, keep the mask on and ask them to wear it as well. This will not count as anybody’s insult but everyone’s safety. Also, don’t touch your mask at all. Once you come home, directly go into the washroom. Remove your mask by the ear loops. Wash it immediately and it is better to wash with hot water.

Keep a sanitizer bottle handy.

Keep a sanitizer bottle handy.

Sanitizer is a substance that can clean viruses and bacterias. Sanitizer is essential to keep in your bag wherever you go. Mostly prefer a small spray bottle for the sanitizer. Spray bottles are easy to use. When you go out for some work. Try not to touch on the public spots like grills, handles, escalator handrails. But if you touch such things then don’t touch your hands anywhere on your face.

After going on public spots make sure to sanitize the hands from time to time. When you touch public things then also sanitize your hands. This will kill the virus immediately. Taking this action can save your and your loved ones’ life.

Build strong immunity to fight covid at home.

Covid is the game of immunity. The health of the lungs and body is what matters. To fight covid at home we can try boosting our immunity. This can be done by taking simple steps. Exercise at home, practice breathing exercises, don’t eat junk and oily food, try avoiding nicotine. These simple steps will ensure your good health. Good health will boost the immunity in your body. The virus can be fought with a healthy body. Therefore improve your immune system to fight covid at home.

Build strong immunity to fight covid at home.

Stay home with family and don’t go out if not needed.

The government has been pushing the threshold for lockdown. This lockdown is for our betterment. If people stay at home if they don’t have any work outside then there will be less crowd everywhere. Less crowd will ensure less spread of the virus. This will help everyone and our country to fight the virus. When there is no need to go out then it’s better to stay at home with the family. Stay home and stay safe to fight covid at home.

Get vaccinated soon.

Experts have worked on the coronavirus and finally, the vaccines are out. It is our responsibility as responsible citizens that we must get vaccinated soon. Also, ask your family members and friends to take the vaccines. This will be the major step in taking the right precautions.

Get vaccinated soon.

Go digital to ensure extra safety.

People still need to buy the essential things no matter the lockdown. Linking your bank account to the mobile application has become so easy. Just the simple steps and you can pay money online. If you pay money online then you will become paper-free. It’s better to go cashless. Because including paper money means to increase the risk of catching the virus. Paper money can be touched by many hands. If you pay digitally then there is no such tension. Nowadays people accept money online everywhere. Go digital.

Do not stress.

Stress is the enemy of low immunity. Doctors have stated the fact that more people died just because they panicked while they were dealing with the virus. We can get over any disease with a positive attitude. Prepare your mind to stay calm in whatever situation. Taking a lot of stress will only decrease your morale. That’s not at all healthy. For practicing serenity you can try many things. You can try meditation daily. Practice breathing in and breathing out. Exercise daily. Make sure you destress yourself properly. This will help a lot.

Drink a homemade decoction to fight covid at home.

Drink a homemade decoction to fight covid at home.

Drinking or eating hot and fresh things makes an effect on viruses. Coronavirus first attacks the nose and mouth. Then it passes down through the throat. Then it reaches other body parts such as the lungs. So to destroy the virus in the throat itself we can drink 1 glass of decoction made at home. It is super easy to prepare. You will have to add all sorts of spices to it. Because spices have heat and they are meant to finish many sorts of bacterias and viruses.

Take 2 spoons of cardamom, 2 bay leaves, 2 spoons of cumin seeds. Roast these all in a pan. After these are perfectly roasted, wait for them to cool down. Now grind these all in a mixer. You can add 1 spoon of turmeric at the end. It should be like a fine powder. Once the powder is done, add a little salt to it and mix this all up. Boil water. You can boil as many glasses as you want as per your family. Once the water is boiled, add the decoction powder to it. Make sure you boil it properly. Now strain the decoction and drink it while it’s hot. The best drink in this pandemic. I have drunk this decoction with my family daily since the pandemic started.

Take a hot water bath regularly to fight covid at home.

We must understand that viruses can be killed with certain things. Such as sanitizer, antiseptic liquid while bathing and wiping the floor, or bathing with hot water. Keep the house and body clean. Take hot steaming water while bathing. Rub the soap everywhere on your body. Face, ears, hands must be washed properly. Apply the soap at least for 1 minute. Then wash it with hot water. That’s the right way to do it.

Do not smoke.

Do not smoke.

Nicotine is unhealthy for the lungs. This is the best time to leave smoking. Cigarettes can damage most of the organs in your body. This is worse for immunity. Leave cigarettes completely. In your family, if anyone has the habit of smoking then request them to resist this and then ask them to gradually stop this bad habit. Chew nicotex. Be free from all sorts of addictions for yourself and your family.

Take steam regularly to fight covid at home.

Take steam regularly to fight covid at home.

A decoction is the best drink to fight covid at home. If the virus is in the nose or mouth or maybe throat then the decoction will help in fighting the virus. But if once the virus reaches the lungs then the decoction might not help. We will have to make sure that heat reaches the lungs. That can happen with the help of steam.

Coronavirus shows at least 3-4 days to show the first symptoms like mentioned above in the symptoms list. But sometimes it can be asymptomatic in some of us. At that time you won’t feel anything for up to 8 days. So why take the risk of waiting for symptoms to show in the body. Steam is anyway healthy regularly. You can use the steam machine which you will get on the application Amazon or any chemist shop. You can also steam the water yourself in a pot. After that, you can add turmeric, mint, or any of your favorite spices. Take steam for 5 minutes. Make sure you breathe with your nose as well as mouth. This is best if you do it regularly. The risk of catching the virus will be minimized.

Wash hands often for at least 20 seconds.

Wash hands often for at least 20 seconds.

This is the “20 seconds rule” for viruses. When the scientists and doctors studied the coronavirus in the lab. They got to know that this virus can get easily in your nose or mouth. But how does this reach in your nose and mouth? Through your hands. When our hands touch the surface, the virus might be on the surface, and it may get on your hands. After that when your hands touch your nose and mouth, the virus starts spreading in your body. So what’s the best way to stop this? Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Apply soap for at least 20 seconds and then wash. Do this regularly to fight covid at home.

Eat healthy, homemade, and fresh food to fight covid at home.

Oily food or junk food will be unhealthy for your body. These can just destroy your immunity. You must avoid unhealthy food in this pandemic. Do not eat outside. Eat what is home-cooked. Eat within 3 hours of cooking the food. This will ensure your best health.

Follow these all steps. Preach these daily in your lives. These steps will help you to stay away from dangerous viruses. Take good care of yourself to fight covid at home.

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