What to pack while traveling with kids? Easy and the best travel ideas for children.

What to pack while traveling with kids? This question is not so difficult to answer. It is so much fun to travel with kids. It has another level of excitement in it. You want to experience an adventure trip then plan the trip with your kids. Until then read what to pack while traveling with kids?

Some easy things you already know like clothes, toothbrushes, their needed things, etc. We are not going to mention all those easy packable things on the trip. You shall see that this post has something different mentioned. Something unique to know about what to pack while traveling with kids?

What to pack while traveling with kids?

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What to pack while traveling with kids? Well, Sanitizer and Mask.

Sanitizer and Mask

After the COVID19 situation if one thing the world has together agreed upon is to stay hygienic. You must pack a bunch of masks for your kids and you as well. Make sure you don’t forget sanitizer as well.

It is better that you purchase a spray bottle in which you can carry sanitizer. The spray bottle is always easy to use. Masks should be of the size of the face of your kid. What to pack while traveling with kids? Sanitizer and masks should be the first thing.

Plastic carry bags must be packed while traveling with kids.

When your kid just ate half of the Frankie roll. Then you will need a zip-lock plastic bag. To pack the wet clothes you will need a plastic bag. If your child wants to puke in between the road in a vehicle then also you will need a plastic carry bag handy with you.

Plastic carry bags are a must on trips with kids. They can save you from most of the situations in a clean chit manner. Next time when you pack for your kids, make sure you keep loads of plastic carry bags with you. This is one of the best travel hacks.

Pack mobile phones while traveling with kids.

Kids Best Security easy fone


Other times when your kids are at home or school. Don’t let them use the gadgets because gadgets make them dull and boring. They get addicted to the social world of mobile phones. But while you are on the trip it is important to give them phones.

If you think that handling the phones will make them lazy on the trip. Then apply this idea. Buy them the old keypad phones with only a sim card in it. Make sure there is no password added to the phone. This will ensure their safety. God must forbid this but if anything happens and they detach from you then you can call them. This is why mobile phones are essential while you pack for your kids on the trip.

Give your kids identity cards on the trips for safety.

No, not the school identity card dear. Well, you can pack their school id cards as well because at many places students are allowed a discount with the school id card. But other than an official id you should have a handmade id card prepared for them. The handmade id card must be attached to them.

The id card must be mentioned with their name and your name. Your hotel address should be an add on. Your house address is a must as well. All the mobile numbers who are on the trip. Last but not the least, their blood group should be mentioned compulsorily. This is the smartest thing for you to pack. Add these all details to their particular phones as well.

A pouch bag for them must be handy for the trips.

What to pack while traveling with kids? You must pack a pouch bag for them. You should make sure that they carry the pouch bag all over the place. There are a lot of risks involved when you go to a different place. You should make sure that you keep your child away from all the upcoming dangers.

Pack them a pouch in which you can keep a handkerchief, a little water bottle, an id card, some eatables, and whatever you want more. This is the best travel hack when you go out with your kids. Be smart and pack smart.

You should pack an itinerary map while traveling with kids.

What to pack while traveling with kids?

Your kids must know where their parents are taking them. You must take an itinerary map from the start of the trip to the end. This makes the trip fun. Yes, mobile phones and laptops do have the maps. But what’s fun about them unless a real map. This will add more fun to the trip.

While studying the map your children will become smarter about the trip. They will gain knowledge through the trip. This hack really proves to be the best, try it and then let us know in the comments below.

A handy first aid kit is a necessity to pack on the trips.

first aid kit

What to pack while traveling with kids? A first aid kit is a must. This is the necessity of the trip or outings. Make sure you add an extra sanitizer to this box. This kit must be added with a Dettol. Medications such as pain killers, cold and flu tablets, cough pills, etc. should be added.

This kit shouldn’t be bulky. Pack a small box and make sure to keep it where you can find this easily. A handy first aid kit will save you from a lot of difficulties throughout the trip.

What to pack while traveling with kids? Yep, a pain relief spray is a must.

Pain relief spray should be added to the packings of a small kid. Kids do not have the habit of so much exertion. Also, they keep on getting bruises all the time. Pain relief spray will be the best to pack.

Not only children but this spray is needed by all of them who go on a trip. Trips take a toll on the body because of exertion. You can use this spray and you will be relieved a little bit through the pain.

Turmeric powder will prove as a life savior.

Turmeric powder

I know it seems a bit weird to add turmeric powder on the list of what to pack while traveling with kids? But trust me this is another best thing to have. Turmeric powder has proven to be clinically the best spices of all. It is best on the wound.

Turmeric powder has proven to stop the blood as well. When on trips it is easy to get wounded. In such scenarios, if there is no hospital nearby then turmeric powder can help you with some time to stop the blood flow. This will be of great help if it could do so. You have to carry the turmeric powder all over the trip with you.

Wipes or cotton dabs should be handy.

Trips are tiring. They seem to be all fun but in reality, they are tiring and you may also know this fact. The wipes will be needed because of the sweaty body or face. Wipes and cotton dabs will make you feel refreshed on the trips.

You can avoid taking the wipes which have a fragrance to them because they are chemically loaded. Instead buy the wipes which are parabens and sulfates free. You can get these anywhere online too.

A spray bottle should be added to the checklist of the trips.

What to pack while traveling with kids?

These can again be helpful on the tiring afternoons in the trips. A spray bottle loaded with water and aloe vera gel can be kept handy in your bag. You can change the water as and when you want.

You can also add sunscreen to the spray bottle. Wherever your child feels like they are sweating or they cannot walk more. Take out the spray bottle and spray some of the water on their face. This will make them feel fresh. The hot sun rays suddenly become a cool breeze when you spray this magical potion on the face. What to pack while traveling with kids? A water spray bottle indeed.

You should pack some fruits as well.

This is the thing which you should rather keep on purchasing all over the places. Fruits with higher water content must be carried because they can save you on the trips. Kids ask for water all the time on the trips. After drinking water they will also ask to go to pee frequently.

This will add difficulties to the trips. Also carrying water bottles all the way is a heavy task. Instead, purchase fruits and vegetables with higher water content like watermelons, cucumbers, plums, tomatoes, etc. Give them a little piece of fruit whenever they ask for water. This will avoid the washroom trips as well.

Handmade toys kit will be a great pastime for kids on the trips.

Handmade toys

What to pack while traveling with kids? Prepare handmade toys before going on the trip. Kids get bored while they travel. Then they either find their ways in the gadgets or keep on disturbing you. Better make a way for them already. Carry kits for them with the toys. This will make them busy for a while. You can also play with them. These little things create memories you know.

You can read our post about handmade toys. That post has a lot of handmade toys mentioned. Check them out and next time make that while going on a trip.

Learn how to make these 10 easy DIY toys at home for the kids

You will need hot water bag at the end of the day in the trip.

This is for the pain relief again. This hack is followed for centuries. This is the best travel hack for a reason. Nothing can relieve the body pain than hot water seriously. At night when you return to your hotel, you can take the hot after bag and make your child take a pain relief session. This will make them feel good and they can be ready for the next day of the trip as well.

Light snacks are a must on family trips.

Snacks should be packed with you.

When you go out with kids. They create chaos all the time for being hungry. They might also not like the food of the place. You better carry some snacks which do not contain water in them. Because then the snacks with no water content will last throughout the trip.

You can take chips, biscuits, uncooked noodles, dry fruits, etc. with you on the trip. These are the essentials if you go on the trip with your children.

Extra pair of clothes and shoes for them.

What to pack while traveling with kids? Extra shoes are a must. You should also take extra clothes with you. It would be difficult for them as well as you if the shoes get ripped. This may get difficult on the trip. If the place is some forest area where you couldn’t get shops then that would be more difficult. You can carry shoes for them.

Clothes can again be a problem if they get dusty or dirty. You can carry an extra dress. You can carry a raincoat as well if needed.

Sugar free jellies or orange candy must be kept in the pouches.

Candies or jellies shouldn’t be given to the kids. Yes, it is right. But when on the trips candies can be a life savior. Trips are tiring for children. They may fall weak suddenly. They can be given sugar free jellies or orange candy. The orange candies or lemon candies are those which are like little chocolates. You can give them frequently.

Jellies can act as instant glucose. This can provide them with an energy booster as well. Ask them to keep some candies in their pouch as well. What to pack while traveling with kids? Well, Candies must be on the checklist.

A neck rest cotton pillow is needed.

Children cannot suddenly change their sleep patterns as we adults can. Sleeping on a hard bed can be difficult. Sleeping in vehicles or planes can also be difficult. You can carry a cotton pillow for them. A reason for mentioning cotton pillows is that the air pillows are not good at all. They can be hard but cotton pillows are much better.

You can get these pillows online as well. What to pack while traveling with kids? Add everything mentioned in this list to your checklist of the trip.